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  • Saves from v0.40.24 are compatible with v0.42.06! We will not be migrating to a new namespace, although the current "DF2014" namespace may be renamed to "v0.42" in the near future.
  • Please mark all v0.42-specific articles/sections with {{new in v0.42}}. For short v0.42-specific information, you can use {{version|0.42.01}}.
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I remember a constellation of "FAQ" articles- they all had a little box at the bottom with a list of questions such as "Why won't my dwarves train?" or "What do I do with all this stone?" or "Help, I'm overrun with cats!". I can't find them for some reason, but these are the kind of things that should be in the FAQ: Very specific, concrete questions about a particular and common scenario. NOT things like DF2010:Quickstart guide - that should go in Game Basics. --Ar-Pharazon 22:01, 28 May 2010 (UTC)

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