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I think this template needs breaking up, its too bulky. On the metalsmith's forge the template takes up half the page, even if it is hidden from the start. I suggest creating separate templates for Workshops (+ Furnaces) (+ Other Buildings), Rooms, Furniture, and Constructions (Access, Mechanical). This buildings template can then be made up from the separate components of those other templates.

From the metalsmith's page, the related articles don't make sense. The only pages directly related to the metalsmith's workshop are forges, metals, skills, possibly stockpiles, and possibly trade depots. All this other information about other buildings is noise. I think a link to the Buildings category is sufficient inplace of this template. As a compromise I suggest using a smaller Workshop only template for workshops, etc.

What about a generic 'related pages' template? --Markavian 13:08, 6 November 2007 (EST)