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I'd say it's not really working. I got 50, refresh, 55, refresh, 58, Ctrl+F5, 62, last again, 65, again, 72, again, 75.

Seems to be adding the time difference in seconds, rather than generating something new with each iteration. (BTW, Ctrl+F5 on FF is a non-cache page fetch. It'll get you as different results as clearing your cache would. IE has something similar.) unsigned comment by N9103

When you view the page normally, the page is loaded from a server cache. This means that the number generated by the time function on a particular page will not change until the server recaches that page. If you are viewing an old revision, a preview, or a diff, the page is -not- loaded from the server cache and instead generated on the spot; this is what lets you see the numbers change constantly. Also, it's not -really- random or even pseudo random. The whole point is that it's not the same number each time. Some fancy #expr gobbledygook could be added to make it pseudorandom—there's probably a clever way to do it without breaking #expr's boundaries. :) VengefulDonut 09:54, 1 May 2008 (EDT)