DF v0.42 information
  • Saves from v0.40.24 are compatible with v0.42.06! We will not be migrating to a new namespace, although the current "DF2014" namespace may be renamed to "v0.42" in the near future.
  • Please mark all v0.42-specific articles/sections with {{new in v0.42}}. For short v0.42-specific information, you can use {{version|0.42.01}}.
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In a featureless darkness with only a small area illuminated with dim light, five shapes can be heard arguing. Four stand, but one sits in an armchair - that is Apathetic. Angry fumes within the mental locks inflicted upon him, struggling to speak. Cavalier advises throwing caution to the wind, but Wise counsels planning for adversity. Paranoid mutters incomprehensibly, casting illusions of danger everywhere.

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