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grex — Command-line tool to extract generated raws from WORLD.SAV/DAT files.


MADMAN — A standalone tool for operating on groups of map tiles.

  • Implements much of dfmarmot's functionality, but includes support for 40d, legacy versions, and 0.34+.
    • New functionality:
      • Can modify tile effects (smoke, steam, miasma, etc.), turning them into soothing mist (~) or another effect type ( #).
      • Y can be used to make temporary changes (e.g., creating a chasm under an invading army); pressing enter again reverts changed tile data to its original state. Not recommended if your selection includes trees or shrubs; DF tends to throw out the associated plant data as soon as the tile type changes.
      • Offsets can now be specified relative to the DF executable's base address, which should solve a lot of issues encountered under recent versions of Windows.
  • Stores offsets using an ini-based system which I still need to write documentation for.


Save Tools — Tools to (de/re)compress and extract data from 0.31–34.xx .sav/.dat files.

  • Undat2 allows save-modifying tools such as DF World Tinker to be used without disabling save compression altogether.
  • Includes support for (de/re)compressing 40d-style .dat files.

Scripts for DFHack

Tweak for 0.31.01–0.34.11 (mainly just Tile Edit works at this point)

  • For 0.31.05+, you may need to rename Dwarf Fortress.exe to dwarfort.exe for Tweak to recognize it.
  • Support for 0.31.05 SDL currently has serious issues, and 0.31.06 SDL is not supported at all.
  • Versions 0.31.09–11 were skipped due to computer issues (and subsequent distractions).
  • Based on jweather's release with 40d offsets.


dfmarmot — A DFHack-based tool for operating on groups of map tiles.

  • Allows tiles within a user-defined area to be modified in several ways:
    • Liquids can be created, and will flow and react to temperatures as normal.
    • Temperatures can be changed to any value (and, unlike with Tile Edit, changes will always take effect immediately).
    • Tiles can be revealed without revealing the entire map, or hidden as desired.
    • A full listing of available commands can be viewed by entering the ? command.
  • Also allows for viewing data on the current tile or block, or retrieving info about any mineral veins, spatter, etc. in the current block.
  • Source includes some Pascal units for interfacing with DFHack via the C language bindings.
    • Included: DFHack (base), DFHContext, DFHCreatures, DFHGui, DFHMaps, DFHMaterials, DFHTranslation, DFHTypes, DFHVeg (vegetation, required by maps), DFHWorld
    • Available upon request: DFHItems, DFHTileTypes
    • Unfinished: DFHProcess (memrange struct/allocator), shiny new cross-referenced package documentation, testing of all the fiddly bits.
  • Requires the legacy version of DFHack.

Other stuff[edit]