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Artifakt Duryzatril, "Artifakt Crazymann", Slave to Armok

Artifakt Duryzatril has been quite content lately. He slept in a good quality bedroom recently. He admired an exceptional game lately. He talked to a friend lately. He has been tired lately. He sustained minor injuries recently.

His right arm is gashed. His right shoulder is badly bruised.

He is an ardent worshipper of Toady One, god of awesomeness.

He is slow to anger. He loves a good thrill. He is truly fulfilled by assisting those in need. He is constantly active and energetic. He does not have a great aesthetic sensitivity. He loves to take charge and direct activities. He can be very happy and optimistic. He would never deny its/his/her own needs just to compromise with somebody else. He rarely feels discouraged. He Has a strong sense of duty. He likes to try new things. He tends to avoid crowds. He always acts without considering alternatives or thinking through possibilities. He is incredibly confident. He is somewhat affected by the suffering of others. He constantly strives for perfection. He becomes completely helpless in stressful situations. He makes friends quickly. He is very trusting. He is incredibly frank and candid in dealings with others. He is occasionally given to procrastination. He is very comfortable in social situations. He is very disorganized. He is put off by authority and tradition. He is immodest. He enjoys intellectual and thoughtful discussions.

He needs caffeine to get through the working day. He is a member of Colorado. In the year 2009, Artifakt discovered a masterpiece of Toady One, "Dwarf Fortress"