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Keybind Patcher[edit]

Patches interface.txt from a new version of DF with a custom changes file, saving the hassle of re-doing keybindings each version.

It can be found here:

It is rendered mostly obsolete by PyLNP's keybind loading feature, which doesn't require the manual creation of a config file.

Mass Transit Rail System[edit]


Stockpile Organization Project[edit]


A proposed overhaul to the stockpile screen layout, as well as proper bin/hauling behavior.

Custom Color Scheme[edit]

More easily distinguishable grays for stockpile screen and blue versus black for lists.


Short Story[edit]

Adventurer's Log:
Urist Curioustragedies

Felsite 5th, 154
Stumbled across abandoned fort. First sign of civilization in several days. I see no rivers pouring from these mountains.
Soil in vicinity has traces of obsidian, but no volcano in sight. Fashioned a slab to record findings.
Hope there are supplies inside. I need a stiff drink, and surface fruit disagrees with my belly. Finding allies to fight the green menace will have to wait.

Felsite 6th, 154
Large empty pots line the stockpiles. What little food remains is petrified. This place has been abandoned much longer than I anticipated.
Perhaps it belonged to early members of our civilization? I don't recognize the events on the walls. Who are these strange figures with pointed ears, and why are they burning?
I'm getting ahead of myself. There's a staircase downwards. It may lead to the caverns. I'm no fisherdwarf, but hopefully I can hunt some beasts for food.

Felsite 7th, 154
There are glass windows surrounding the stairwell. It looks like the local cavern has been walled-off and replaced with axles and waterwheels.
Water trickles down from the ceiling (sadly out of reach,) and the wheels yet spin. A column of pumps stands tall in the corner, but water does not flow through them.

Discovered a complex network of minecarts and mechanisms beneath caverns. Not active. I will attempt to restart them tomorrow. Hopefully they will provide a shortcut home.

Felsite 8th, 154
The flow of the air indicates midday. Looks like I've overslept. It may take a while for my body to readjust to the underground.
The lower cavern has been sealed off as well. In its stead are rows and rows of minecart tracks that loop about everywhich way. Madness!
I've located what appears to be the lever to the machinery. It is in a small tower overlooking a series of small drawbridges.
The drawbridges are arranged as inscribed: [88:88]. Perhaps it's some mechanic's idea of artwork?

I pull the lever and I hear gears spin to life. The sound of minecarts rolling merrily along. The artwork shifts. It now looks like: [00:59]
I go for a closer look. By the time I reach it, the rightmost grouping has reverted to [8] again. It doesn't look like there's anything under the little bridges.

The rightmost group has a new arrangement: [7]. It seems to change about every twelth of a day. Perhaps they are symbols? A calendar?
My stomach grumbles. Only one flask of water remains. I regret that I lack the resources to study further. I shall have to return some month later.

Felsite 10th
Yesterday was wasted on those blasted minecarts! I spent hours speeding along twisted tracks, colliding with carts, and ended right where I embarked!
I have no time for this maddwarf's joyride! Hypothesis for how this fort fell: They all bathed in brain-rotting rain!

The pumps in the upper caverns remain inactive. No choice but to press on downwards to find where they lead.
The calendar had read [00:52] when I left for the minecarts over a day ago, now it reads [00:38]. The second symbol from the right has changed in my absence. I continue downwards.

Felsite 11th
Sobriety has slowed my pace. Had to skip sleep, but I've reached the bottom.
I'm at the forges. I can see the magma sea outside. It's as beautiful as the tales tell. Creatures lurk below, but they can't reach me here. Nor can I reach the cavern's bounty.
Dispair! I can see the pump stack, and it's dipping into the magma! It was not for water, after all. I must have missed the forges near the surface.
I might as well press onwards.

Last of the water's gone. I still haven't eaten in days. Following the only tunnel from the forges, I reach a secure vault.

A nearby lever opens the vault. Success! The vault is divided into three floors: Tavern, hospital, sleeping quarters.
The tavern is a mess. Tables and levers are smashed. The booze has evaporated by now. There's equipment littered everywhere, some made of a strange, lightweight metal.
Only dust remains, but it's clear how these dwarves met their end: Violently. Sometimes a single angry dwarf is all it takes to put events in motion.
There was no escape for them. Deconstructing a closed drawbridge might as well take years if you're caught in sight of a mad dwarf.
The strange blue equipment is oddly undamaged. I'll take some with me.

By luck, there is still some food left! Most of it is rotten, but there are edibles remaining near the bottom of the stack.
It consists of quarry leaves, dwarven syrup, and some funny-tasting meat I can't identify. "Funnier" than a skilled Comedian, but I'll need it for the road.
Fortune smiles again! Water remains in the hospital well! I fill up my water flasks and prepare for a good night's sleep in the sleeping quarters.

Felsite 12th, 154
I begin the journey back up. Still sober, but full.

Felsite 13th, 154
The calendar had continued its work in my absence: [00:04].
That's odd. Why do three of the symbols match? Is it near the end of their year? Who begins a calendar near the end of spring?!
It was counting up, wasn't it?

The minecarts. The minecarts! I had forgotten the measure of madness I was dealing with! Nothing good could be waiting at the end of this!
A pull of the lever. Maybe that stopped it! [00:03] No use!

I ran up past the mainaic minecarts. How long did I have left to make my escape? The count continued toward my doom.

I continued past the water wheels. Perhaps I could smash enough of them in time?
*Clang!* *Clang!* *Clang!*
The pumps have started! What for? Magma!! I have to hurry!

The entrance is in sight! Almost there...
Light from the outside! It's... on fire? Why is the outside on fire?

Magma everywhere! It's starting to pour through the entrance!
Where's the entrance lever? Have to find it, fast!

Map! Where's the correct lever located?
"Surface Level Levers: Trade Depot Gates, Trade Depot Water Control" Why does a depot need water?
"Middle Area Levers: Pull in Case of Elves" Elves? Is that a ferocious megabeast?
"Safety Vault Levers: Vault Access, FTW Reset, Cavern Access, Entrance Gate" No! The levers!

Who builds only one entrance lever, then locates it in the most inaccessible section of the fort!? Who builds a device that floods the surface with magma!?
Who puts critical levers in the middle of a tavern, where drunken mainiacs beat each other senseless?

Worry about it later! Maybe I can outrun the magma and find another exit. Maybe I can stop the wheels. Maybe the magma will destroy them if break the windows!

Felsite 14th, 154
Is it really the year 154? My father claims to be one of the first dwarves. This fort's been abandoned for over a century, yet its design is beyond anything I've ever seen!

I failed to stop the pumps. I managed to smash a few axels and windows on my way down, but I can still hear wheels turning elsewhere in the fortress.
A map labels them as "Water Reactors", whatever that means.

Perhaps we're mistaken in our history. Or perhaps some wicked demon or god designed this fort. I don't really care.

The magma's begun flooding the "calendar" room. There's no escape at this point. The best I can do is prevent this tragedy from repeating itself.
I've engraved my account on this slab, and placed beside the lever that started this madness. If anybody's reading this... If anyone survived...
Do not attempt to reclaim this fort! Do not pull any mysterious levers! Forget about the goblins. Whoever designed this place is the true evil!

I can feel the heat. Magma has almost reached the top of the tower. I really wish I had some booze. Arrrrrrgggggghh!