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Chessnuts, "Chessnuts The Elder", Mayor
Chessnuts has been quite content lately. He admired his own finely crafted dwarf fortress article lately. He was disgusted by a dwarf fortress crash recently. He was bothered by the sun lately. He has been annoyed by vermin. He was awoken by noise while sleeping lately. He talked with 3 friends lately. He is gladdened by a recent kill.
He is a faithful worshipper of God the creator of everthing.
He is a citizen of the Mountians. He is a member of the fortress TombRoof. He is the mayor of The TombRoof Fortress.
He is of unknown age.
His ears are impared. His lower back is slightly bruised.
He is tall and thin. His piercing blue-grey eyes are bloodshot. His hair is brown.
He has a large amount of unexpected strength, but he is serverly lacking in endurence.
Chessnuts likes dwarf fortress, board games, silver, the color blue, and bats for their haunting cries. When possible, he prefers to consume cow milk and wild strawberries. He absolutley detests rats.
He has a very mathimatical brain and an incredible longterm memory, but he would be unable to remember what he did yesterday.
He lives at a relaxed pace. He is slightly cautious to risk and excitement. He is slow to anger. He does not have a great artistic sensitivity. He is slightly assertive. He is usually happy but rarely enthusiastic. He is entranced by riddles and puzzles and loves to debate issues and ideas. He delights in chaos and disorder. He is slightly impulsive.
A medium-sized dwarf prone to great ambition.

A diary of the fortress TombRoof

12th Moonstone, year 205

After an unplanned comment to the king, I found myself being "appointed" the mayor of a third rate colony, worringly named TombRoof. I came there to replace the former mayor, after he was convicted of insurgency. The former mayor was found guilty of conspiring with the humans, about the takeover of this outpost. Most horribly, he was even planning the city to be occupied by them! Everything, and I do mean everything was built above ground! Even so, there were allready 80 or so dwarves there, making the transition back to the underground infeasible as there was already to much time invested in the aboveground construction.

14th Moonstone, year 205

I found myself walking along, outdoors (shudder- I have no idea how the current occupants got used to this), and I am beginging to actually respect this palce. Despite all of it's obvious flaws, it may actually be an interesting fortress to run.

25th Moonstone, year 205

I designated a massive mining operation on the lowest level lmy dwarves would dare to go. Also, the military took out a small cavern of skeletal antmen today without any trouble. I've decided that no animals beside our pets should be allowed to exist in my city.

21st Granite, year 206

It's been a fairly uneventful winter. To make things more interesting, I've siezed everything from the elven carrivan.

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