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This is a user page. It is encircled with bands of Internet, and menaces with spikes of lol. On the item is a picture of a human and a Dwarf Fortress. The human is playing the Dwarf Fortress. On the item is a user page. The user page is being recursive.

I suppose like most users, I should post all of my "achievements" here.

[edit] Games I'm Running:

Boardwhip Dead -- Lost Save - Completely nonstop thanks to an AutoHotKey macro and DTil's "Unpause" feature. Running 30 years strong, I aim to complete any and all megaprojects referenced on this wiki (with the exception of magma projects, as this site is without a pool or pipe).

Talltower 2 the Tall Tower of Ice - Likely Dying Soon A succession game I'm running, wherein each player is limited to one floor in which they can carry out all of their constructions.

Deadliest Dwarf Dead - A colisseum game where competitors pick equipment and skills, then fight to the death in a no-holds-barred tournament. Includes full 3D images of key moments of each fight.

[edit] Games I'm Participating in

None that I'm not running.

[edit] Games I've Finished

A.D.A.B. The Succession Wars - A clever idea for a succession game, in that every player is running a fortress, and each year they swap. Unfortunately, it's far too much to ask multiple players to keep playing the same game for more than 2 turns, and as such the game quickly ran out of players.

Speargroove - Using the Nano Fortress mod which allows 1x1 embark areas, in addition to 9 million other mods, the Speargroove fortress was founded in a magma pipe, which left approximately 20% of the space to build in. An amusing concept, but the game has been mired by apathetic players and a GM who hasn't posted on the game in a long time. Updates Sporadically.

DF Masters 1 - Players are given 5 years to complete an epic fort over a river. Each fort was judged by 3 judges. I won second, losing to Martin, who actually dug out a castle.

Sparkgear 3: With A Vengeance - The Sparkgear succession game is famous for its one-day turns, foulmouthed users, and hilarious phallic megaprojects. Sparkgear 3 uses the Dig Deeper mod, which has sadly kept the megaprojects to a minimum, but has maximized fun.

A Tale of Two Fortresses - As the name suggests, the fortress is split in two. Each year, the players swap which half of the fortress they command, leaving the rest to its own devices. May or may not actually be played.

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