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So I think introductions are in order. I'm Egodeus and I'm really interested in DF because I like dwarves, building games and stupid overly complex plans.

Mostly this page will be stories and pictures from my current fort and explanations how the different kind of traps of my own design work. Some I will also add to the trap design page in due time, but I'll use this page to document the planning and creation of the different kind of goblin mashers as I'm building them to both see how they look on the wiki and what mistakes I made in their planning to perhaps correct in later editions.

I'm playing a mostly unmodified df with the exception of modding loamy sand to produce sand, because I wanted a glass industry that is not dependent on the caravans and making Dragons breed after capturing two to yield a brood of WAR DRAGONS!!!

Standard key[edit]

symbol  tile
 ·   -  Empty space
 +   -  Constructed floor, or top of wall section from lower level
 0   -  Isolated wall section
╠╬═╣ -  Connected wall 
║║ ║
 ╬   -  Fortifications
 X   -  Up/down stairs
 <   -  Up stair
 >   -  Down stair
 ▲   -  Up ramp/slope
 ▼   -  Down ramp/slope
 .   -  natural ground
 ☺   -  dwarf

Gostmåmgoz Zirilmomuz Råsh[edit]

Also called Archdragon the Fiery Crypts of Death was the second fortress of mine in .25. I accidentally stumbled upon this sweet place straddling two sides of a major river with an abundance of sedimentary stone, soil, sand, clay, flux (marble and chalk), granite, gabbro, blah, blah, blah...

Only problem was that the site had some pretty erratic aquifers and the fact that by the year 550 all the dwarven civilizations had been depopulated. The depopulation was caused by me editing the raws to make dragons way more common by creating a lesser class of dragons that weren't megabeasts and having them have basically the same stats as the normal ones. Except I had made both types to grow to their full size in only 200 years. Also the world gen settings were tuned so that evil areas were much more common than in vanilla. After toning down the new dragons (diminishing their size to only 15 million at full growth, making them only building destroyer 1:s and so on.) and suppressing the history generation to two hundred years, most of the original civilizations were still alive after world gen. (Still had close to 150 thousand lesser dragons running around in the world. Should be fun.) I tried starting the fort, but accidentally noticed that the local goblin empire had been depopulated by the humans and every two years the humans went and pillaged the remaining goblin forts that showed having no occupants in the infofiles dumped after world gen.

So began my search for the history seed that would create a thriving goblin civ near the perfect spot and after generating ten worlds with the same basic seeds, but differing history seeds Teyo Ametha, the World of Wind was created and the river basin held only a thriving civ of more than ten Dark Fortresses that each held at least a hundred goblins and on the mountains at its edge were entrenched a dwarven kingdom (at the moment a queendom, but I digress) that had been at semi-continuous war with the goblins for the past hundred years although at the moment the civilizations have enjoyed an unprecedented peace lasting *Gasp* more than two (2) years!

While browsing the legends mode I stumbled upon a unintended consequence of the addition of the new dragon-species. The neighboring Elf dominion of Legendary Plays (I will not sully myself by writing their foul tongue here), that vies for domination on their side of the continent with another elf civilization, had devastated a dwarven civs town on the other side of their domain in an attack. When I looked at the report I found out that they had attacked the site with more than five hundred elves and over three hundred dragons! I gathered from this that pissing on the elven caravans was something that I just had to do at some point during the game. Can you imagine anything more fun than suddenly finding out about an ambush that consist of ten elfs riding ten dragons to the battle? I know that I'm having a hard time...except if it's an elf siege with three hundred effin Dragons!

So here is the outline and next week I'll start properly playing. It might take a while and it might take a few restarts, but I am going to have a bloody battle with dwarves and war dragons on the other side and elves riding their dragons on the other.

Mostly still going to be trap design and notes on their effectiveness, but if I feel like it I might even begin keeping a diary of the fort. At least any truly epic occurrences will find their way here.

Wish me luck for I do not have much time to delve secure lodgings, ere the dragons get hungry. (<- What the game told me when I began. Going to be pretty interesting, though the beginning map didn't hold a dragon, thank the gods!)

An aptly named artifact[edit]

5th Granite 204: Iden ûzoddom, Mason withdraws from society...

10th Granite 204: Iden ûzoddom, Mason has created âbirotung, a gabbro bed!

âbirotung...also called "Romanticshocks"...a stone bed...Must be a pretty hard place to produce romantic shocks. The item menaces with spikes of gabbro. On the item is an image of Eshtân Fenceurns the dwarf in mica. (Cannot find Eshtân in my fortress so a short peek through the legends shows that shes my Queen.)

Now waaiiit a moment DF. A stone bed called the "Romanticshocks"? With spikes as a bonus? And a picture of the Queen on it? Is this mason in the know about the bedroom habits of the queen or is this just a coincidence? Should I prepare for a Queen with Legendary +5 in Lasher and a fondness for items made out of leather? If I didn't know that these are fully randomized, I'd feel that this was quite a lewd joke from the game-maker. Even as it is this just feels a bit too much of a coincidence. In the mean time I'll keep this in mind and prepare my fort to serve it's future Mistress... ;)