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Extar has been content lately. He drank a fine drink lately. He slept uneasily due to noise lately. He was caught in the rain recently. He admired own fine website lately. He plugged a website lately. He slept in a good bedroom recently. He was disgusted by a miasma lately. He was caught in the rain recently.
Extar likes computers, guitars, spray paint, the colour black, denim, band t-shirts, Dwarf Fortress for its complexity, Diablo II for its addictiveness, metal for its heaviness. When possible he prefers to consume Heineken and english mustard. He absolutely detests mushrooms.
He tends to avoid crowds. He is very quick to anger. He is modest. He enjoys the company of others. He has a fertile imagination. He dislikes confrontations. He dislikes self-aggrandisement. He needs alcohol to get through the working day and is starting to work slowly due to its scarcity.
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