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GreyMario hates goblins and loves catgirls. He is also apparently very dyslexic.


[edit]  !!Fire imp fat!!

Apparently fire imp fat never stops burning. Woo.

[edit] Unsigned

People don't understand that they need to sign their talk page comments. I hate those people.

[edit] Statistics

Mayors executed: 2
Crazy convoluted plans completed: 0
Tamed exotic pets: 0
Artifacts by fort:

Crystalclaws: 3
  • Gansitestil, Slimwhirled, a cave spider silk skirt
  • Tabarmamot, Faithfulplait, a Willow bow
  • Ilbådshetbêth Ninurbâsen, Guiletwinkled the Escorted Spray, a Iron grate

[edit] Will test quick ideas easily accomplished

If you've got a convoluted plan involving something silly like iron bridges, lava, and puddingstone mechanisms, let me know in the space provided below and I'll see if I can find an answer.

Plan Submitter Tested Success Notes
Can an easy-to-use table system for experiment ideas be constructed? GreyMario Yes Yes Note that this is probably not the best way to do it, but at least it helps to sort in case it becomes massively filled.
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