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[edit] Tileset

This is a 16x16 tileset with colored backgrounds for many tiles (instead of the usual black background), with texts still being readable. It is what I use in my games, I thought I might upload it as well. Just as many others it is a mixture of other existing tilesets, notably belals and ranting rodents. By using their tiles I do not intend to take anything away from them, it shows how much I like their work.

Download this zip-package for df 0.31.16.

Download this zip-package to get the tileset and altered raws for

Included are small creature files, matgloss files and language files for the standard races and orcs. There is also a init-file included if you want to use my color settings. Note that I play with [ENGRAVINGS_START_OBSCURED:YES] and [VARIED_GROUND_TILES:NO], the tileset is not tested nor intended for other settings.

Sample image:

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