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Gender: Male

Current DF Quote: Till the Earth! (because i like making farmers)

Favorite Version: v0.28.181.40d

I don't care much for a profile really. Besides, people would probably be bound to call me a girl with this username if they didn't know my real gender first.

Current Fortress[edit]

Just shows the current Fortress being used.

Hamlet Lensflags (v0.31.04)[edit]

Gonna be one mother of a fortress. Pet Coffin Area, Craft Floor, Storage/Farming Floor, Mausoleum Floor, Prison Floor, Room Floor/Grand Dining Hall/Hospital Floor, Well Water Area/Starting Mine Floor, and everything below is mining, until i breach the caves, which is when i'm hiding behind nearly a hundred of traps. Don't feel like making a history and wasting wiki space.