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Hi, you've found James. He likes cows. He likes them for their haunting moos.

Well I like writing and I like Dwarf Fortress so I might combine the two in a massive historical log of my new and hopefully permanent 2010 fortress "MirroredViolence". I hope it does not offend.

== 28 Obsidian 125 Litast Alvalvabok ==

So it begins. I'm sitting here in the Census and Excise Office in one of the human towns on the coast. Troops seem to be all over the place as out goods are searched. It seems that were still not trusted here, rightly so. I decided to write this after the Baron on the same ship as me handed me this book and told me to hand it to him when we return in two years after the mint is set up. It's still a shock that after just a single conversation he let me start the first major enterprise to get our economy going. The number of ships sunk by the goblin fleet means that we're on our own out here. Still, it's rich in resources and shouldn't be too bad. We also have to start our own economy, totally autonomous until the empror can send more ships. That's where I come in. I've just been given orders to carve out a place at a volcano overland and await the foundry operators. Should be a good first assignment straight out of a trade university.

Tomorrow I go and meet the crew I'm to work with, chosen based on skill and attributes. Excellent. Until then, it would seem I'm to be searched.

== 29 Obsidian 125 Litast Alvalvabok ==

Just met the mining team, very good and a solid bunch of dwarves. I'll include short chunks out of the few dossiers I looked at today.

Minkot Gerigonal - Female - 50 "Minkot has been, and remains to be, one of the better options to lead a combat mining team." "She exhibits a very short temper which remains to be her shortfall." "She shows little regard for caution and will act in her best interest and the interest of others without concern for her health and welfare." "She remains fit and agile, proving her worth as a miner and her potential as a squad leader." "Her poor focus and poor analytical sense means she requires supervision."

Sakzul Akgosamost - Female - 54 "Her poor organization and neurosis are her major faults, despite this she remains viable as an artistic and creative influence." "Provided she is kept under supervision she will remain a competent miner." "Her poor social skills currently render her a poor choice as a liaison or manager."

Ingish Sheriklolor - Male - 53 "His capacity as a miner is tempered only by his intuition" "A good choice for a second in command" "His pessimism is tempered by his demand for familiarity." "His obesity may be an issue."

So that's my mining team. The rest of the team are apparently waiting for me at the dig site. I'm waiting on my supplies from the general warehouse. It's odd that despite the war on the mainland, nobody seems to have an issue with the obsidian tower in the distance. Possibly abandoned. I look forward to setting out tomorrow, hopefully meet up with the team a week or so after the new year. I probably won't write in this so, until then.

== 8 Granite 126 Litast Alvalvabok Leader of the mint "Mirrored Violence" ==

We've arrived and by popular vote we have named the place "MirroredViolence" for some unknown reason. Litast Kadolatham came up with the name. He's the new farmer. Very nice to be around, very artistic and calm. I think I'll make him my second in command, screw what the dossiers say.

The place we've turned up to is a volcano, big thing with very little around. I decided to vent the side and mine out some of the obsidian to line the place. Might as well make it a nice place, better chance of being sent to oversee a residential hall. The good news about the volcano is that I won't have to stress about finding fuel for my forges, it makes things so much easier.

I can still see the tower off in the distance, the briefing I received said that goblin activity in the area was low but we should be receiving a number of guards with the foundry operators regardless. Can't wait.

9 Granite 126 I've decided to make an entry-hall at the base of this thing, loads of grass and a nice flat sand wall. Perfect for interior farming and such. I also ordered the creation of a number of warehouses to ourselves inside the camp, me and the others watched a number of dark shapes pass through the canyons around the goblin tower. I don't want to take any chances.

Tholtig had an argument with Minkot earlier about mine placement and just how we should be paid. She backed me up when I decided on equal shares. I'm still deciding the crew placement so perhaps she might be the second in command? Who knows?

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