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[edit] About Me

Kaleb702 has been ecstatic recently. He complained of molting recently. He is a citizen of America. He is a member of Strigidae. He is of an unknown age. He has a large beak. He has gray-scale feathers. His long feathers are neatly groomed. His eyes are yellow. His legs are short. He is incredibly awesome, and good at arguments. Kaleb702 likes feathers, gold, wings, trees, voles for their deliciousness. When possible he prefers to consume voles, field mice, and squirrels. He absolutely detests spiders. He has a deep well of grammar skills, but he is terrible at math. He prefers to be alone. He dislikes the outdoors, and doesn't care about bad weather. He is very friendly. He is often happy or ecstatic.

A small, feathered and winged creature fond of eating vermin.

[edit] What I'm Doing Right Now

I'm thinking of starting a challenge fortress, and posting progress here. I am currently practicing on a two-dwarf hermit fort killing forts.

[edit] Other stuff

I do not have a forums account yet. I can be found at as Kaleb702 Games, or (Or was it forums?) as Kaleb702.

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