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Learning to set up a civilian burrow is an essential skill.


[edit] Create the burrow

  • Hit w to go to the burrow menu and a to add a new burrow.
  • Then hit enter to define it.
  • Hit n to name it, I'd call it "Inside".
  • Then hit Enter to start a rectangle and enter again to finish it, just like designating areas to dig. You can start on one level and end on another and it includes that rectangle on all of the levels, inclusive. Handy. Make as many rectangles as you need. I tend to have the burrow cover entire levels, not just the areas I've dug out, so you don't have to keep expanding it as you dig.
  • Then hit ESC a couple of times to get out of the burrow menus.

[edit] Create the alert

  • Hit m to bring up the military menus, and a for alerts.
  • Now c to add an alert and N to name it. I typically used DEFCON1, but you might like something different.
  • Now move the cursor to the far right column, which should have the burrow you just created, and hit Enter to associate that burrow with your new alert. You'll see a green A next to the burrow when you have that alert selected.
  • Then hit ESC a couple of times to get out of the military menus.

[edit] Activate the alert when invaders arrive.

  • Hit m to bring up the military menus, and a for alerts.
  • Now move the cursor back to your new alert and hit Enter, and you should see a green [CIV] move next to it.

[edit] Congratulations, your civilians are now confined to your burrow.

  • Watch any civilians who were outside drop what they were doing and come running back inside. Yay.
  • When the fight is over, come back and select "Inactive" and hit Enter to cancel the alert and let your civilians back out of the burrow.

That's all there is to it.

  • Note they will not go for food, so your safe room may become a death sentence.*
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