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User:Lethosor/Catsplosion control

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[edit] Dumping zone

This is hard to set up, and it doesn't always work, but it generates some very interesting combat reports.

Z : 0
+ + +
+ +
+ + +
Z : - 1
Z : - 2
Z : - 9 9
. ' ,
, c '
. , .

(repeat level -2 as desired - more levels generally add accuracy)

  • Link the door to a lever.
  • The door is optional, but recommended for safety to allow unintended objects an easy way out. Be sure to lock it, though.
  1. Throw in the items from level 0. (If you want to use a 1-tile zone, a dump zone uses the adjacent tile to the open space.)
  2. Pull the lever
  3. Watch the items fall. (Note: for optimal viewing, you can l-Follow the items on their way down. Or you can watch the cats at the bottom.)

[edit] How you know it's working

  • The {cobaltite} strikes The Stray Cat in the lower body, bruising the muscle and shattering the lower spine's bone!
  • The Stray Cat's right rear leg skids across the ground, shattering the bone!
  • The Stray Cat slams into The Stray Cat!
  • The {cobaltite} strikes The Stray Cat in the head, bruising the skin!
  • The Stray Cat slams into an obstacle and blows apart! x2


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