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to do[edit]

room value:

  • meager: 1
  • modest: 100
  • normal: 250
  • decent: 500
  • fine: 1000
  • great: 2500
  • grand: 5000
  • royal: 10000

room value = (furniture value + ?)

bigger rooms: More value, even if empty

room needs walls/door to count proper

  • 80 furniture, 3x3 in grey stone: meager
  • 90 furniture, 3x3 in grey stone: modest
  • 560 furniture + 5x3 = decent; smoothed: decent
  • 180 furniture + 3x4 (yellow/grey) = normal (250)

ideas for history book[edit]

This is the history book of the Fortress of X, written in the year Y. Section 1: Short history of the world and the civilizations

Timeline: When did they start, when did they end? Civilizations, Sites, each race with its color
Chart: population of the races
Timeline: Major events in history

Section 2: History of our region:

Timeline from first mentioning till today (beasts, sites)

Section 3: History of our fortresss

Population chart: Deaths, immigrations, births
Foreigners chart: Invaders, thieves, megabeasts
History book: When foundation, artifacts, yearly summaries of numbers,....

Section 4: What our Engravers think

Summary of events engraved/sewed/decorated, important ones told as history

Access to data: xml dump for now; maybe accessing compressed saves?


  • xmlstarlet