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Note: This Tutorial was written for 40d, but it still works with DF2010.

How to break through two layers of aquifer with caveins.
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Overview Image[edit]

Click here for image: [1]

In-Game Snapshots[edit]

just embarked and made two buildings for food and sleeping

Part 1:
the first Cavein is ready to go off

Movie Part 1-2:
pull the lever! i am sry for the real long responding time as you see on my fps, this was really shorter then i did it ^^

Part 2:
the aftermath ^^

Part 3:
and the second cave in is ready to go off!

Movie Part 3-4:
again some lever action

Part 4:
the cave in is done

after the clean up.. stone! dwarven orgasm.. well right after booze