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I've built a successful fortress on a volcano while embarking without ANY items, skills, or animals. 3 dwarves died to volcano creatures, 1 died of melancholy, and the biome was hot enough to evaporate all water. I will elaborate more if anyone shows any interest. Update: I accidentally flooded my base with magma.

Interesting accomplishments:

Fortress Mode

-Built an elaborate construct to fill a fortress of 80+ dwarves with water. There were no survivors. (not impressive, but it's the best I've got)

Adventure Mode

-Wrestled a school of carp to death.

-Killed a pack of wolves by bludgeoning them to death with the corpses of their comrades.

I need some goals to try to achieve. I'm tired of making large fortresses just to drown them when I get bored. Put ideas on my Talk page, if you've got any!

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