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Morulkivish "Pagedlancer"[edit]

Mountain fortress with an underground river as the only water source and a nearby magma pipe. Focus on military. Unusual in that the Dwarven Civ has not been sending me a trade liaison, and I have contact with two different human civs. Some sedimentary rock found in a corner, no coal yet. Stopped caring, I have adamantine.


(Logs before Obsidian of 207 were lost during a switch in record keepers)

2nd of Obsidian, 207: A demon beset us today - from whence he came I do not know. He burned a poor child and our strand extractor to death before the military arrived to deal with the creature. One of the soldiers will need many months in bed, but the demon was unceremoniously put down. I've issued an order to move all the mined adamantine to a safer location before sealing the area - apparently even the area about the pits isn't safe.

10th of Hematite, 208: Another child has been beset by a strange mood, making three thus far. As if two adult woodcrafters wasn't more than adequate to begin with - at least I can make them work!

4th of Sandstone, 208: No goblins in over a year, maybe almost 2. I know those cursed greenskins are up to something...

3rd of Hematite, 209: The first goblin siege arrived, following a couple of supposed ambushes that did nothing more than startle a few goats. It was efficiently put down once it got near our gates, but I'm afraid they caused the human caravan to bypass us this year. The terrain is still too permissive - I shall need to order the miners to remove more slopes to force the goblins down onto flat ground faster.

7th of Moonstone, 210: One of my engravers has created a masterwork engraving entitled "The Sweet Elbow". I believe he has also taken to calling himself Riff Raff.

6th of Obsidian, 210: The titan Zombie Omoka Kemarena Tiveyeeyeyo has come. Omoka Scribetrue the Strategic Lesson, huh? We'll teach him a strategic lesson. One titan zombie vs. 23 multi-legendary champion dwarves. I love the smell of rotting carcases in the morning. Maybe I'll send a single champion out and see if he works up a sweat.

26th of Obsidian, 210: An elf diplomat came and yelled at me that I was disrespecting the trees. I walked her out to the front entrance and asked her to point out any trees she could see. I told her that we'd cut nothing but cactus, and that was over five years ago, and assured her that her own caravans brought sufficient wood for all our carpentry needs. I couldn't understand why this only made her more angry.

7th of Granite, 211: The titan zombie finally made it near the entrance, and 10 dwarves sallied out to meet it. It barely put up a fight, inflicting no injuries, and was cut to ribbons by our crack troops. Note to self - send only one next time.

20th of Slate, 211: Finally met with an idiot who has been chasing me around for two months complaining about lack of work. 'Look, just because the work is hauling doesn't mean its lacking,' I told him. 'Even I'm working full time here. Do you see any idle dwarves? Just you, yeah, so stop wasting my time complaining about the lack of work. Now get back to work!'

10th of Galena, 211: Time has just seemed to slow to a crawl, and then my record keeper reported we have over 42,000 hunks of stone sitting around. Time for the second most massive project in the fortress's history (following the mining which led to this disaster of bookkeeping), a project I shall dub Operation: Molten Marmot. The ultimate goal is to reduce the amount of spare stone to some number which doesn't cause my bookkeeper headaches when he reviews the ledgers.

16th of Moonstone, 211: Estrur Strosokutsmob, the leader of the nearby goblin fortress, led a siege against us. Sadly, he escaped alive, but as the goblins mostly just threw themselves happily onto our traps and then fled it was merely a shame that he couldn't have been more seriously injured. He'll be back, and we'll be waiting.

15th of Granite, 212: Estrur Strosokutsmob has returned leading another siege. He will not live to see another dawn.

21st of Hematite, 212: The elven diplomat has returned and nicely asks us to restrict ourselves to under 100 trees. I make a note to count just how many 'trees' (by which I assume he means cacti) we have, and say we can talk more on the matter. After discussion, he calls me a butcher after naming 121 as the most we can cut down. What a rude person. I point out that we don't even have 100 trees, much less 121, so his demands are fairly ridiculous. I'm sure he's swearing at me in elvish, but I can't be bothered to learn it if this is the most important business they have. I am curious though - why the heck are the elves so enamored of our cacti? Maybe I should point out the only cactus we've cut in years were to clear space for our roads...


Population: 90
Children: 25

Legendary Dwarves:
Miners* x3
Engravers** x4
Mason*/Miner x1
Furnace Operator/Bone Carver* x1
Furnace Operator x1
Weaponsmith*/Siege Operator x1
Armorer* x1
Gem Cutter/Gem Setter x1
Woodcrafter*/Strand Extractor x1
Woodcrafter*/Weaver x1
Leatherworker x1
Bonecarver* x1
Clothier* x1
Glassmaker* x1
Brewer x1
Mechanic* x2 (1 dead)
Pump Operator x6
Siege Operator x1
Record Keeper/Appraiser x1
Champions x25 (2 dead)
Children***** x6 (one snatched, 2x woodcrafter, 4x stonecrafter)
+ Dungeon Master (legendary furnace operator)

Asterices denote artifact creators. With the exception of the Mason, Engraver x2, and Clothier, all legendary artifact creators earned their legendary from making the artifact. (There have also been five possessions - a woodcutter with blacksmithing splashed, a child, and three others who were already or have since become legendary).

Artifacts: Total Value 6,012,400
Rosatzenon Ensebeges, a turtle-shell animal trap worth 4800
Timnarikthag Razot Amud, a willow amulet worth 52800
Volalnoglesh, a turtle-shell left gauntlet worth 3000
Vostazimsal, an iron low boot worth 139200
Rulushastas, a green glass crown worth 49200
Tattinan, a cedar scepter worth 93600
Ragcagith, a granite statue worth 7800
Akmamrilbet, a tower-cap idol worth 2400
Taronisan Noramiseth, a marble ring worth 62400
Bukogeggut Bukith Othlest, a cave spider silk cape worth 48400
Ruthosh Erith, a raw adamantine idol worth 930000
Gatiznazom, a granite bed worth 57600
Dumattastrod, an adamantine mace worth 1449600
Avuz Stettad, an adamantine door worth 1466400
Vuknudevon Ngotol Dakon, an oak amulet worth 304800
Akilzoluth Buket Mokez, an alunite scepter worth 18000
Zefon Erith, a marble piccolo worth 385200
Lelumbubnus Vuknudvunom, a marble idol worth 452400
Enirikthag, a marble mechanism worth 44400
Usanevud Emenvetek, a marble piccolo worth 380400
Gusgashlimar, a magnetite mug worth 60000