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u -> Teres Draconis -> v -> Enter[edit]

Teres Draconis has been unhappy lately. She enjoyed throwing something recently. She was disgusted by a miasma recently. She has been exhausted lately. She was comforted by a lovely waterfall lately. She was woken by noise while sleeping recently. She was upset that a criminal could not be properly punished. She has been accosted by terrible vermin. She has been satisfied at work recently.

She is romanticly involved with <message redacted>. She is a casual worshiper of Mari the Chalice of Life.

She is a citizen of the United States. She is a member of <message redacted>.

Teres Draconis likes sandy loam, lapis lazuli, silver, the color green, elk leather, dogs for their loyalty and dragons for their terrible majesty. When possible, she prefers to consume cow's milk, cow cheese, wild strawberries and tuberbeer. She absolutely detests roaches.

She is relaxed. She finds helping others rewarding. She is quick to anger. She is often nervous. She greatly appreciates art and natural beauty. She is willing to compromise with others. She often feels discouraged. She has a sense of duty. She tends to avoid crowds. She is bored by reality and has a wonderful imagination. She feels strong urges and seeks short-term rewards. She loves new and fresh ideas. She is disorganized. She is concerned about rejection and ridicule. She is occasionally given to procrastination. She is very friendly. She is slow to trust others. She does not feel effective in life. She often does the first thing that comes to mind.

stray bunny kills 4 dogs[edit]

(there is a copy of this at

Not sure if it's a bug, but I had one of my (baby, tame) rabbits go rogue and take out a pack of (adult, tame) stray dogs awaiting training in my new (7 day old) fortress. I'm not sure if it was a bug or not.

I'm still trying to parse the reports to find out who started it. There was only one wild animal (a buck rabbit), on the surface, and I hadn't reached any caverns yet... Not sure if it's related.

I only realized what was going on when I got the first "stray dog bled to death" notice, and the other three repeated the act before I honestly believed they were fighting the bunny. The bunny, btw, has a dented paw and a bruised mouth, but otherwise seems fine. Just to be sure, his inventory showed that he wasn't carrying a switchblade.

Any clue why this happened, or where I should look to see? - jaz 22:33, 1 April 2011 (UTC)

What DF stuff I've done lately[edit]

in game[edit]

Not really the new version, since the new new one came out, well, a while ago.

Added in some new workshops.
SHRINE - for making sacrafices to Amok. Currently has reactions for burning vermin corpses, useless corpsepieces (or whole corpses, if I'm not careful). There is a benefit to taking whole corpses - it will take entity and pet corpses, as well, which negates any negative thoughts from rotting. On the other hand, it can also take corpses that were destined for the butcher shop, or pieces made at same shop, thus reducing available stock for food, leather, and craft production. There's a reason this reaction isn't automated (anymore).
RECYCLE - a place that turns wooden or stone furnature, tools, etc back into base components. Next project, remove improvements!
CST_STONEWORKS - custom stoneworks, in combination with [reaction_class:junk],[reaction_class:tool] and [reaction_class:block] tag on certain stones, allows me to turn some kinds of stone into blocks, others into furnature, tools or crafts.... all without worrying about what my current "worthless stone" settings are... Thus allowing regular shops to work on one set of stones, and the custom shop to work on another. Also makes stone beds!
SPINNINGWHEEL - used in the automation of plant and animal thread production. The shop works. Wish the reactions did.

Added some new reactions, (besides those listed above)

a whole slew of recycling reactions, for tools, furnature, mechanisms, traction benches, even ballista and trap parts.
buy_soap turns coins into rare soaps
split_lye takes stacks of 10 lye and fills 10 buckets with individual servings there-of. Currently only works with stacks of 10, but since that's what the traders bring, that's ok with me. Bug work-around.
there is a set of reactions to take individual or small stacks of plants and turn them into bigger stacks. More useful back when I cared how many barrels my booze was taking up.
bedroom_set requires that I play with the raws each time, but lets me designate a prefered stone and then makes a whole set of furnature out of that type.... makes cheering up pretentious nobles slightly easier, since prefered materials adds to personal assessment of value.
uniform_ranged and uniform_melee makes one complete set of equipment for the indicated military type, from boots to cap, weapon and ammo... all in one go.

Added some new creatures.

Flybiter is a relatively cheap, common domestic bird. It hunts vermin. In the next version it will have some gobble_vermin tags, mostly for annoying fly-type insects, but my current version doesn't allow for that yet. (I can put the tags in, but then the error log says that it's not a valid tag.)

lavender snails are verminous simi-aquatic snails who's shells can (supposedly) be crushed into dye.
Giant snails are large (growth rates and size based on dogs) grassland and near-water grazers. Their shells can also (supposedly) be ground into dye. I haven't figured out how to give snails and slugs negative reactions to salt, but I'm working on it. (I figure it's add a creature class, but I can't edit the salt entry, so I'm not sure if I should bother.) I say supposedly on the dyes because I have yet to actually encounter one in a fort, and I don't play adventure mode.

Caticorn is a creature I added at the specific request, and, as best as I could, to the specifications of my niece. A mix between a cat and a unicorn, these extremely rare creatures live thousands of years, and spend several hundred as "kitticorns". Ranging in size from (at birth) half the size of a newborn domestic cat, to (when both fully grown and at the large end of the size range) twice the size of the average tiger, these shy beings are magical and mysterious. My niece insists that their prefered diet is of bad dreams and darkness, but I don't see how to code that in, so we'll leave it as assumed, for now.

Added "fae-" and "hell-" to my creature templates. Fae creatures are verminous, light-emitting, winged versions of normal creatures, that live in either good or savage (or both) places. Many have "dusts" that cause various syndroms. (I wish I could make a syndrom that increases the chance of moods, but... sadly, not to be.) Fae creatures also occasionally leave gem figurines behind instead of corpses. Hell-creatures tend to be bigger, meaner, faster, evil (of course), and often either breathe fire or burst into flames when killed. Sometimes both! -- 09:07, 12 December 2012 (UTC)

With the new version, I've scrapped my old "Crash Landed" version and am building anew. I learned a lot, but there's a lot of changes to be made, and it seems like it'll be easier just to start from scratch. - jaz 1 March 2011

I still wish I could "polute" the water sources. Sometimes you get a salt water aquifer or salt water rivers and such, too... wish you could have other polutants. Or specify that certain buildings need to be built near water the way that a magma smelter can only be build over magma... And then specify that they polute the water source when used.

I'm told I can edit the saved games and make the waters be salty. - jaz 1 March 2011

Hmmm... maybe make a new substance called "poluted water" and have it be a by-product? I've got slag already, don't see why poluted water should be any harder, though it might not flow properly. And give it a negative sale value. "I'll pay you to take this stuff away." Just some things I'm thinking about....

Considering just using the filth tags already in the game. Might be easier. Then again, might not.

Part of my "world" is that the native plants and animals are far easier to process for metals than the ores are... in fact, I'm thinking of limiting the ores quite heavily. Maybe make them /all/ deep? Fun. - jaz 22:45, 16 April 2010 (UTC)

For my middling game, made tons of dyes in lots of different colours. Put them all in a new plant that only grows in magma regions, doesn't have seeds and spontaniously combusts upon becoming a shrubbery, just to avoid ... dealing with it. Then I added in some reactions to mix dye colours that takes place in the dye shop. Some reactions require water to work, and others, booze! Presto, dyes in almost every colour, that has some level of realism, if not a lot. Strangely, the dwarven traders occasionally bring me some of the new dyes.

Also, added in "feral" and "rabid" ... "templates" is the right word, I guess. Like "giant" can be applied to "panda" to get "giant panda"... now I occasionally get feral pigs and rabid dogs. Awesome! Especially FUN when you don't realise that your kitty has been bitten by the swarm of rabid rats it was attempting to decimate, and that said rats are now infesting your booze stockpile. Realisticly, kitten should then also become rabid, but instead, it just dies. As do thirsty dorfs.


Posted and answered some questions to the .31.25 cheating discussion page. Not sure I'd count it as wiki editing, but I'll allow it on the technicallity. Stopped cheating the .sigs, and my phone won't let me log in, for some reason, so IP sigs for me, for a while. -- 07:40, 12 December 2012 (UTC)

Uhm... nothing. Can't remember (and can't be bothered looking up) my log-in info, so I'm cheating the sigs. - jaz 00:28, 23 March 2010 (UTC)

Still cheating the sigs... - jaz 1 March 2011

Ever feel like a little fish in a really big pond?[edit]

And that maybe the pond is filled with something other than clear crystal water?

I am wading through some of the forums at, trying not to duplicate threads as I make suggestions (or, in at least one case, point out that there is a perfectly good way of dealing with the problem they want dealt with without them suggesting something that would mess up my problem even more, and better yet, their solution is already functional in the game). My word, there is a lot of ... stuff... to wade through. Even if I find a thread that talks about something similar to what I'm thinking, it may be a good ten pages long... and if I don't want to sound like a "me too!" who didn't even bother to read what they're "me too!"ing, then... argh... And when that's /already/ a duplicate thread. Headache. And then it turns out that none of them address the subtle vision I see... or insist on making it too complicated to actually impliment...

And I have to wonder, if it's this difficult for me, wading through it all, how badly fare the Great Toad and his tri-toed sibling? Because I'm sure I'm not looking at even a tenth of the ... stuff... that they are. (And no, I don't mean "<redacted>" because it's worthless, but rather because there's just so much of it that it intimidates me and I thus feel the need to call it dirty words. I accept my common ways.)

So, Yargh, I say. Yargh! I will take my ineffective self to dinner, and maybe tomorrow will wade through more "suggestions" in the hopes of finding a gem, a clever mind who's desires match my own (and who was smart enough to phrase it in a way that other people actually understand).

--jaz 00:52, 21 May 2009 (UTC)