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Turgid Bolk is a human born in 1987. Although accounts vary, it is universally agreed that Turgid Bolk is guided by forces unknown. He is still shrouded in mystery.

In the midsummer of 2007, Turgid Bolk discovered Dwarf Fortress.

In the midsummer of 2007, Turgid Bolk joined the Archive-Wiki of Old.

In the midsummer of 2007, Turgid Bolk's social life was struck down by Dwarf Fortress in Arizona the Fiery Desert of Burning.

In the mid-Autumn of 2007, Turgid Bolk helped create DwarfFortressWiki "The new version wiki of awesomeness", a hypertext wiki.

I've spent more time building the wiki than actually playing the new version. I post the logs and summaries of Multiplayer Adventure Mode, too.

To do list[edit]

Please feel free to work on these before me!

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