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[edit] Lever/Gear Assembly Toggle System

Meant to be hooked to the gear assembly in the Resettable One-Use Pressure Plate.

Using this device, in addition to the Resettable One-Use Pressure Plate will make it so that you don't have to remember to turn the water pumps off when you're done resetting that system. You set up that system as described on the page, then hook both of the pressure plates in this system to the gear above the two pumps. The lever hooked to both rising (not retractable) bridges and floodgates in this system acts as your reset lever.

Once it's hooked up, you will have to pull the lever twice (waiting for the floodgates to go up and down) in order to get all the parts in sync, but after that, every flip of the lever will turn on the gear assembly and activate the pumps in the resettable one-use pressure plate system just long enough to move the water off of that pressure plate, then it'll turn off again.

Additionally, you can use doors to access the pressure plates and hook this to as many resettable pressure plate systems as you want, so long as you don't mind having to reset all of your systems at the same time

Made by Quietust, influenced by this SR Latch.

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