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Impulse Ramps[edit]

  • Do you need to connect the track on the higher z-level, or can all designations be done on the lower?

No designations are needed higher up.

  • Can you cover the ramp up with a hatch? Bridge? Flooring?

Impulse ramp continues to work when covered with hatch cover, floor, or bridge.

  • Do you even need empty space one z level up?

No. Cover it all up, it still works.

  • Will pushing onto an impulse ramp give it impulse?


  • How far will a single ramp push a minecart?

Far. At least 30 tiles. At least 79 tiles.

  • How many impulse ramps does it take to reach derailing speed?

Having two impulse ramps in three tiles will do it. Correction: that's what older testing told me, but I needed 3 ramps in a row later.

More than one.

  • Does an obstructed minecart sitting on an impulse ramp maintain impulse?

A little bit. To clarify the situation: obstruct the exit from impulse ramp tile with a door; send the minecart around; wait a sec; open the door. What happens? Minecart moves exactly one tile.

  • Can you build furniture on top of an impulse ramp?

Nope-- counts as blocked. Nevermind. That's only for doors (and similar). Floor based constructions are allowed-- bridges, hatches, floor grates. That will take some testing...

  • What happens when you rebound into a hatch cover? Can you get enough velocity to reverse course?

Yeah, it rebounds. Hard to predict how far. Seems to accelerate, but then ended in middle of course.

  • Is there a way to build two impulse ramps directly adjacent?

Not that I can see. Might be some weird things you can do with constructions, but otherwise, ends up making t-junctions. Correction: fairly easy, either with constructions, or smoothing.

  • Can you get impulse by dropping (via hatch) onto a ramp?

Yeah, works fine.

  • How many impulse ramps do I need to climb one z-level?

Two does the trick, one isn't enough.

  • Can you build a raising drawbridge on top of an impulse ramp and in front of an impulse ramp to automate circuit running and stopping?

No. Drawbridge cannot be built such that raised, it blocks the impulse ramp.

Things built on top of an impulse ramp[edit]

  • Retracting bridge, open: impulse ramp works as normal
  • Retracting bridge, closed: appears to work just as if bridge wasn't there
  • Hatch cover, closed: just as if hatch cover wasn't there
  • Floor bars, closed: ditto
  • Floor grate, closed: ditto
  • Raising bridge, closed (off), based on adjacent tile: keep in mind "closed" here means flat rather than raised. Ditto anyways.

Oh well, that's the way it goes. Correction: my design wasn't actually testing this. However, re-testing suggests the same.

Intentional derailment[edit]

  • Derail onto track running perpendicular to velocity: doesn't appear to slow cart
  • Retracting bridge over corner: derails cart when closed, not when open
  • Raising bridge over corner: ditto
  • Hatch over corner: does NOT derail carts in either state, suckoid
  • Diagonal velocity, basically a guarantee of derail whenever possible?

Bridge over tracked ramp[edit]

Deserves its own section. Works the same as without ramp-- that is, bridge at corner derails cart. Impulse still granted by ramp in open case, apparently not in closed case. (Compare to impulse ramp NOT at corner, which appears to give impulse regardless of status? But that was flawed testing, don't be so sure.) Note that to do it with a raising bridge, the raising bridge has to be based in the direction of derail-- but doesn't have to be a 2x1 bridge, base could lie 10 tiles from corner. Testing was done with constructed ramps, which lay on top of track, in case we have trouble recreating....