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Hi there. Welcome to my user page. I'm a relatively new Dwarf Fortress player who is quite hooked. My prior experience with ascii art games is primarily from several years of being hooked on Nethack. I have not tried DF adventure mode yet.

I am currently on my fourth fortress. Beyond some basics of survival, my first three fortresses taught me the importance of setting Mineral Occurrence to something other than "Very Rare" in world generation. I found no ore at all in those first attempts and it was quite baffling. Now, I'm chugging along with plenty of ore and my first magma forges and furnaces!

I like this wiki and am enjoying helping out with it as I'm able. If I screw something up, do let me know. Thanks for stopping by!

Magma pistons are awesome. If only I had designed my fortress knowing that I would be able to have a magma pool and related workshops and furnaces in the upper levels. After my next bout of major fun I'll start again with that in mind.

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