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Regarding your edit to Mosaic, simply converting an image to 4-bit color (16 colors) won't work well because the palette of stone colors you have to choose from won't match the palette you get for most images. Also, tiles and pixels aren't the same shape (tiles are 1:1.2 while pixels are 1:1), so using that method can lead to distorted aspect ratios. The tool given on that page should do a much better job at this. As such, I undid that edit. -- HiEv 18:09, 4 July 2012 (UTC)

I used the method that I described to "color correct" images that I wanted to mosaic, after shrinking them to a buildable size. I also prefer to minimize the use of random programs downloaded off the internet. Also, tile proportions depend on your graphics settings, and are adjustable. Even if the tool does a better job, I was just providing other options to the readers. Sole-sourcing is unethical.