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This utility page is about v0.28.121.40d, an older version of DF.

You may find it at this link, and you'll need pydbg (comes with paimai) and probably python 2.4 for windows. Here is what is does.

In order to use it, you must have Dwarf Fortress running. Here are the commandline arguments:

No arguments : list dwarves listcreatures : list all creatures (redirect into a file to read it !)

The output will look like:

dwarven ral kivishmamot 2899 [0 0 0] [Pa:0 Fa:0 Hu:7a0a Th:3cbf Dr:9b33] (0xd4e9750) GUEST? 80004001 12000070 65535 4d/a1
dwarven �zum geshudunib 289a [1 0 0] [Pa:0 Fa:0 Hu:6210 Th:4c26 Dr:a659] (0xd4e9dc0) GUEST? 80004000 12000070 65535 3e/a7
dwarven dod�k k�buksosh 289b [0 1 0] [Pa:0 Fa:0 Hu:7d49 Th:49b0 Dr:a12b] (0x9c56de8) GUEST? 80004000 12000070 65535 3c/9c
dwarven s�kzul kasbentulon      289c [0 0 0] [Pa:0 Fa:0 Hu:79d4 Th:400e Dr:9e36] (0x9c57458) GUEST? 80004000 12000070 65535 48/9c
dwarven zulban cogothsin        289d [0 1 0] [Pa:0 Fa:0 Hu:7681 Th:5140 Dr:afaf] (0x9c57ac8) GUEST? 80004000 12000070 65535 33/a5
dwarven at�r othsinducim        289e [1 1 0] [Pa:0 Fa:0 Hu:69af Th:9fe Dr:9119] (0xd611d58) GUEST? 80004001 12000070 65535 46/9e
dwarven rith vumoml�r   289f [0 0 0] [Pa:0 Fa:0 Hu:72a5 Th:2537 Dr:9d74] (0xd6123c8) GUEST? 80004000 12000040 65535 45/a1

The following fields are displayed, in order:

  • race name
  • dwarf name (not the proper race name, will soon be fixed)
  • ID (persistent, used in legends, used by other commands!)
  • str / agi / tough
  • pain, tiredness, hungryness, thristyness, drownsiness
  • ptr to the structure
  • tentative flag interpretation
  • flags @fe4 & @fe8
  • mood (65535 == no mood)
  • stuff for my own use :)

healall : heals all dwarves maim racename : maims all creatures with this race name!

There are other options, but here are the two mood related options:

  • detail id : will print details about creature id. This will include the MOOD vector! (and the skill that will be advanced)
  • mood id skilltype main_metal secondary_metal :
    • you must select the creature id corresponding to the moody dwarf
    • skilltype refers to the skill that will be advanced
    • main_metal is the what the item main metal will be
    • secondary metal is what the other items will be

It's quite crude and you'll want to use it like that:

dfedit.py 2899 weaponsmith steel aluminum

This will change your dwarf requirement to a bar of steel and several bars of aluminum, he'll create a legendary weapon and become master weaponsmith.

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