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This utility page is about v0.34.11, an older version of DF.

Quickfort is a utility for Dwarf Fortress that helps you build fortresses from "blueprint" .csv files (comma separated values). These files are easily created and edited in an app like Excel. Most building-oriented DF commands are supported through the use of multiple .csv files to describe the different phases of DF construction (designation, building, stockpiles, and making adjustments. Recent versions of Quickfort work by converting the blueprint into a native macro for Dwarf Fortress, then executing the macro. This allows for enormously faster playback compared to early versions or DF Designator.

The Quickfort Community Blueprintsare a large collection of blueprints, published to remove the last hint of hassle in creating a fortress. You can download the lot without a paid account here.

Arumba has made an excellent pair of video tutorials (part one, part two) for quickfort.