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Stonesense Screenshot

Stonesense is a third party visualizer, implemented as a DFHack plugin, that lets you view your Dwarf Fortress world in a classic isometric perspective.

There is an official thread for feedback, questions, requests or bug reports. There is also a thread dedicated to screenshots taken using Stonesense.

[edit] For Users

Stonesense is distributed as part of DFHack, and included in the Lazy Newb Pack.

There is a project underway to use stonesense as a game overlay, breaking the 2D nature of Dwarf Fortress's view for the first time. However, the project is not ready to use yet and has no ETA.

[edit] For modders and developers

  • If you just want to add existing content: The Stonesense Content Repository contains content packs that allow you to extend Stonesense functionality. These packs are made by members of the DF community.
  • If you want to create your own content: You can learn how to create custom content for Stonesense at Utility:Stonesense/Adding_Content
  • If you want to tweak Stonesense's source code : Stonesense is one of the many DFHack plugins. It comes with DFHack's source code, and if you manage to compile DFHack, then you've managed to compile Stonesense.

[edit] Credits

Stonesense's homepage and source code is on Github.

  • Stonesense was written by Jonask, peterix, kaypy and Japa.
  • Lead graphic development was done by Solifuge.
  • Dfhack library was written by peterix.
  • Additional Graphics and code were contributed by many many people, including (in alphabetical order):
    • 7¢ Nickel, BatCountry, Belal, DeKaFu, Dante, Deon, dyze, Errol, fifth angel, frumpton, IDreamOfGiniCoeff, Impaler, Japa, jarathor, Jiri Petru, Lord Nightmare, McMe, Mike Mayday, Nexii Malthus, peterix, Seuss, soup, Talvara, winner, Xandrin.

(This list is not vigorously updated)

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