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Game options are controlled by editing text files in the data\init folder. Anything between a [ and a ] is a game option, in the form of [OPTION_NAME:OPTION_VALUE]. Everything else is comments which are ignored by the game. For changes to options to take effect in a currently running game, you must save the game and then restore the saved game. Game options apply to all games, so if you have two or more different saved games you switch between, the only way to have different options for each saved game is to edit the options file every time you switch games.


[edit] init.txt

A list of some of the more useful options in the init.txt file:

  • SOUND: Controls if game music is on or off.
  • INTRO: Control if a short introductory movie is played each time the game app is started. This is turned NO in the Stonegears package.
  • FPS_CAP: Sets the maximum speed the game will play at.

[edit] d_init.txt

A list of some of the more useful options in the d_init.txt file:

  • AUTOSAVE: Controls how often (if at all) the game autosaves. This is set to once per season in the Stonegears package.
  • AUTOBACKUP: If AUTOSAVE is used, controls if the game automatically makes a backup copy of your save folder every time it does an auto-save. This is turned YES in the Stonegears package.
  • INVADERS: Controls whether or not you'll get ambushes, sieges, megabeasts and forgotten beasts. Set to NO in the Stonegears package. It can take 2 to 4 seasons for the change to take effect after altering this option.
  • POPULATION_CAP: This determines how populous your fort must be before immigrants stop arriving. If you have more dwarfs than you know what to do with, change this to 0 to stop further immigration (though nothing can stop the first two immigration waves).
  • TEMPERATURE: If set to NO then fire and magma won't burn, water won't freeze and ice won't melt. Set to NO in the Stonegears package, since having it on can slow down the game.
  • WEATHER: If set to NO then it will never rain or snow. Set to NO in the Stonegears package, since having it on can slow down the game.
  • VARIED_GROUND_TILES: If set to YES gives some variation to the appearance of the ground/floor. This is set to NO in the Stonegears package.

[edit] announcements.txt

For each type of announcement, controls if the announcement pauses the game, causes the game to recenter on the event, or even if the event is announced at all. Note that not all announcement types can be controlled via this file.

[edit] colors.txt

Controls how various named colors (red, magenta, etc) are displayed on the screen. See color schemes if you want to change how the colors look.

[edit] interface.txt

Controls which keys do which commands, and also if a command will repeat or not when its key is held down.

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