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ALl my tries to trap and catch various underground tribes failed due to extrem dwarven stupidness. All my miner which I wanted to use as a bait don't run into the save tunnel behind them but into the horde of dart shooting cavemen. Either they can't flee in the direction they were coming or they prefer to fleeing into the enemy. Anyone else having such a problem? --Niggy 16:31, 18 April 2010 (UTC)

This is the wrong area for this.

I hope this isn't the wrong area for this. I just noticed, my expedition leader had a baby on 27th Felsite, 128... I checked the date. I examined the baby and it said "He was born today, which makes him very young indeed" or something similar to that. I checked the next day what it said out of curiosity and it said he is zero days old, and that he was born 27th OPAL 128. I checked the dates and Felsite is approximately May in real life...Opal is January. My game is currently in Spring, so I expect he was born in Felsite, but why would his information screen be incorrect? I don't know how to do that tag thing, sorry. I also double-checked and his mother is indeed the expedition leader and I am looking at the right baby...