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This article is about an older version of DF.
For built horizontal and vertical bars, see Bars.

A bar is a sub-type of building material (interchangeable with a block for that purpose), and is the base individual unit of metal, charcoal, coke, potash, ash, pearlash, and soap. All metals are created as bars at a smelter, whether processed from ores, alloyed with other metals, or melted down from existing metal items.

With the exception of non-fire-safe materials, all bars are as durable as others - a wall made from bars of ash, charcoal or soap will last as long one made from bars of steel. Bars are a storage unit and not an end product in of themselves, being used for various other tasks:

Bar Used for
ash making lye or potash
or coke
powering standard forges, smelters, kilns, and glass furnaces,
and making pig iron and steel
metal smithing
pearlash making clear or crystal glass
potash fertilizing farm plots or making pearlash
soap health care and cleaning self

All bars (possibly excluding partially-used soap bars) are 600 cm3 in size, which means up to 5 will fit into a 3000-capacity bin. In the real world, a 400-tr.oz. bar of gold is approximately the same size, at 645 cm3.

All types of bars can also be used to build workshops, roads, bridges, and other constructions. Different bars require different labors in their construction: smithing is used for metal bars and masonry for all others (including bars of soap).

"Bars" of adamantine metal are referred to as "wafers", but when used as building material they function the same as any other bars.

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