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This article is about an older version of DF.

Wear is the degradation of materials over time, primarily in the context of clothing. Wear will alter the value of an item, and is denoted by the symbols x, X and XX. For example, over time a dwarf's "Pig tail shirt" will degrade into a "xPig tail shirtx" and eventually a "XXPig tail shirtXX" before disappearing entirely. If you sell tattered clothes to caravans early enough they are still worth good money:

Wear Level Remaining Value
xItemx 75%
XItemX 50%
XXItemXX 25%

Animal-based products can rot, which is different from wear (see miasma). Crops and harvested plants can wither if not stored in a stockpile, making them useless but generating no miasma.

Notes on wear:

  • Clothing that is being worn will wear out, over time, due to normal usage. This happens regardless of material.
  • Armor does not wear out, unless it's kept in a refuse stockpile.
  • All clothing and armor in a refuse stockpile will wear out. This is intended as a means of destroying old used clothing that would otherwise make dwarves grumpy. Note that a stockpile with any type of refuse enabled (such as bone) counts as a refuse stockpile for wear application.
  • Non-fire-safe items (including clothing, leather, and wood) suffer extreme wear while on fire.
  • Building destroyers cause wear on certain types of furniture (such as doors and hatch covers) until they are completely destroyed.
  • Wood and cloth items stored aboveground in a glacier biome (as in a trade depot or starting wagon) will suffer wear from exposure; walls do not halt this effect.
  • Invaders' clothing is also subject to wear.
  • Cages do not prevent wear.
  • Artifacts are immune to wear.

All improvable items made from creature or plant materials (i.e. cloth, silk, leather, yarn, or wood) will gradually wear out over a very long period of time, even if just sitting in stockpiles, gaining one level of wear every 100 years. This is technically a bug - cloth/leather items are supposed to wear out at 5 times this rate.Bug:6003