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v0.34 Talk:Island

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Volcanic Islands[edit]

Interesting to note that a volcano showing up as a single ^ region tile in the middle of the ocean may have enough land around it to allow you to embark on it, but the volcano itself may be in the middle of the ocean, with a hole full of air spiked through the ocean down to the top of the magma (and unpausing of course leads to a giant sucking sound, many collapses, and much steam and magma mist until the top of the tube is sufficiently solidified). A forum user has posted one, and I happen to be embarked on one myself at the moment as well on version 34.11, so it wasn't a one-time glitch. (in my case, it was a hole spiked through a frozen ocean.. the fun ensued with the spring thaw a few days later..) Urist McDorf 05:04, 12 September 2012 (UTC)