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It takes 2 weeks for animals to regenerate the milk. How long until they can be sheared? --TerryDactyl

[edit] Bug

I seem to be running into a possible bug that a stack of multiple units of wool (in my experience, 7 from sheep) will only yeild 1 yarn. Has this been verified? Why hasn't a Bugs section been added to either this page or Yarn pointing it out? --SerpentStare(unregistered)

A quick Google search reveals this bug report, which confirms this is a known issue. Presumably it has not been added to the relevant pages simply because no one has taken the time to do so. I will add this bug, but please feel free to help update the wiki pages whenever you find information that is missing or out of date. Loci 22:55, 17 February 2013 (UTC)
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