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This article is about an older version of DF.

The Dwarf Fortress Archive Wiki

Welcome to the Dwarf Fortress Wiki! This is a collection of user-submitted guides, information and advice for the roguelike game "Dwarf Fortress". Dwarf Fortress is a Windows game (though it can be played on other systems using Wine), developed by Bay 12 Games featuring two modes of play, a distinct, randomly-generated world (complete with terrain, wildlife and legends), gruesome combat mechanics and vicious hordes of elephants.

No matter what your orders may be, your dwarves know the real matters of importance.
"If a site with outcasts hiding in it is conquered, the outcasts are treated like members of the defending site. This can lead to expected things like sewer werebeasts getting crucified. However, it can also make a giant alligator flee the attacking army, wandering the wilderness for a few years before deciding to become a dancer and moving to the city. The giant alligator later remembered itself and went back to attacking villages."-TheFlame52
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The version documented in this namespace is v0.23.130.23a, released on January 18, 2007.
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