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23a:Diverse tasks

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This article is about an older version of DF.

In order to advance your fortress's rank and attract a new tier of noble, your dwarves must perform a number of "diverse tasks" within a single year and allow the Dwarven caravan to successfully report them back to the mountainhome. These tasks are divided into six categories, and each rank requires a different number of categories to be satisfied:

Title # Craft Metal Wood Gem Stone Food
Village 3 10 10 10 4 10 10
Town 4 25 25 25 10 25 25
City 5 50 50 50 20 50 50



  • Construct Item from Cloth/Glass/Leather/Bone (see below)
  • Make Crafts from Wood/Stone/Cloth/Glass/Leater/Bone
  • Collect Webs
  • Weave Cloth (plant fiber and silk only)
  • Make Totem
  • Make Pearlash
  • Make Soap
  • Make Ammo (including metal)
  • Decorate Item with Material (any)


  • Construct Item from Metal (see below)
  • Make Crafts from Metal
  • Mint Coins
  • Make Metal Bars
  • Forge Anvil
  • Stud Item with Metal


  • Construct Item from Wood (see below)
  • Assemble Siege Ammo
  • Make Ash
  • Make Charcoal


  • Construct Item from Gem (see below)
  • Cut Rough Gems or Raw Glass
  • Encrust Item with Cut Gems or Glass


  • Construct Item from Stone (see below)
  • Smooth/Engrave Wall or Floor
  • Carve Fortification
  • Construct Blocks (any material)


  • Fish
  • Prepare Raw Fish
  • Hunt
  • Butcher Animal
  • Tan a Hide
  • Catch Live Fish/Vermin
  • Extract from Plant/Fish/Vermin
  • Tame Animal or Vermin
  • Train Hunting/War Animal
  • Milk Creature
  • Make Cheese
  • Plant Seeds
  • Fertilize Field
  • Harvest Plants
  • Mill Plants
  • Process Plants (any method)
  • Prepare Meal
  • Render Fat
  • Brew Drink
  • Make Lye
  • Make Potash from Lye/Ash
  • Dye Thread/Cloth

Material-Specific Items[edit]

  • Furniture: Door, Floodgate, Bed, Throne, Coffin, Table, Chest, Bin, Armor Stand, Weapon Rack, Cabinet, Statue, Catapult Parts, Ballista Parts, Barrel, Bucket, Window
  • Finished Goods: Weapon, Armor, Helm, Pants, Gloves, Shoes, Shield, Chain, Flask, Goblet, Instrument, Toy, Backpack, Quiver, Trap Component
  • Other Items: Raw Glass, Cage, Animal Trap, Ballista Arrow Head, Sewn Image (into any item)

Notably, any of the above items (or crafts) made from shell are not counted. Also, while the game will count jobs to craft the above items from Gems toward the gem job category, it isn't actually possible to perform any of them without use of memory hacking tools.