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This article is about an older version of DF.


You can always get Dwarf Fortress as Toady One, the developer, released it from the Bay12 site (listed at the top of the page).

This particular version can be downloaded here:

Windows Main Small


Also see: System requirements


There is no installer for the game. Simply extract the archive file to a folder somewhere and run the game from within the folder.

Make sure to actually extract the archive; do not just open the archive and run the game from the window that appears. If you do this then it may appear to work, but your save game data will get discarded. This is the cause of many "my saved games keep getting deleted" complaints. The game also needs to be able to write to its own folder, so do not install it in C:\Program Files if you are running Windows Vista or later.


Fortunately the documentation on this wiki is very detailed and extensive. You may want to start out with:

Then move on to: