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This article is about an older version of DF.

These are the keys used in Adventure mode.

Key Bindings[edit]

Keys Meaning
8 2 4 6 7 9 1 3 Move
Alt and a direction key Move carefully / Deliberately enter dangerous terrain
< or Shift+5 (num lock off) Ascend
> or Ctrl+5 (num lock off) Descend
. Wait for a step
Space Advance/Clear Messages
a View Announcements
c Combat Preferences
d Drop an item
e Eat or drink something
g Pickup an item
f Fire a projectile
i Inventory
l Look around
k Talk to somebody
p Put an item into a container
r Remove an item you are wearing or from a container
s Stand or lie down
t Throw an item
u Interact with building, furniture, or mechanism
w Wear an item
x Create an object or butcher a corpse
z Status
A Attack an adjacent creature. Change Mode to wrestle.
C Center screen on yourself
D Date/Time
I Interact with an object in an advanced way. (unstick a weapon, refill waterskin etc.)
L Search the nearby area very carefully
P Temperature
Q Adventure log (tasks, map, et cetera...)
S Sneak
T Travel
W Weather
Z Sleep