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This article is about an older version of DF.

The armor in game is organized into three different levels (clothing aside) :

The Leather Armor Set[edit]

  • Head: Leather/Bone/Shell Helm or Metal cap
  • Upper Body: Leather Armor
  • Lower Body: Leather/Shell/Bone Leggings
  • Feet: Leather High/Low Boots
  • Hands: None; any gloves a dwarf might happen to wear (Gloves are clothing, thus owned, worn under gauntlets too. A military dwarf not wearing gloves will not put on new ones)

The Chain Set[edit]

  • Head: Metal Helm
  • Upper Body: Chain mail
  • Lower Body: Metal Chain Leggings
  • Feet: High/Low boots
  • Hands: Metal/Bone/Shell Gauntlets

The Plate Set[edit]

  • Head: Metal Helm
  • Upper Body: Plate mail
  • Lower Body: any (Bone or Metal) Greaves
  • Feet: Metal High/Low Boot
  • Hands: Metal/Bone/Shell Gauntlets