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Alcohol plant stockpile

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This is a helper page, to help setup a brewery plant input stockpile. It has the same list as the Alcohol page, but it's ordered to make stockpile setup easier.

Types of Alcohol[edit]

Stockpile middle menu Stockpile name Plant name
Plant-based Single-grain wheat Single-grain wheat
Plant-based Two-grain wheat Two-grain wheat
Plant-based Soft wheat Soft wheat
Plant-based Hard wheat Hard wheat
Plant-based Spelt Spelt
Plant-based Barley Barley
Plant-based Buckwheat Buckwheat
Plant-based Rye Rye
Plant-based Sorghum Sorghum
Plant-based Rice Plant Rice
Plant-based Maize Plant Maize
Plant-based Quinoa Quinoa
Plant-based Kaniwa Kaniwa
Plant-based Pendant Amaranth Pendant amaranth
Plant-based Blood Amaranth Blood amaranth
Plant-based Purple Amaranth Purple amaranth
Plant-based Pearl Millet Plant Pearl millet
Plant-based White Millet Plant White millet
Plant-based Finger Millet Plant Finger millet
Plant-based Foxtail Millet Plant Foxtail millet
Plant-based Fonio Plant Fonio
Plant-based Teff Plant Teff
Plant-based Beet Plant Beet
Plant-based Wild Carrot Plant Wild carrot
Plant-based Cassava Cassava
Plant-based Parsnip Plant Parsnip
Plant-based Potato Plant Potato
Plant-based Radish Plant Radish
Plant-based Sweet Potato Plant Sweet potato
Plant-based Tomato Plant Tomato
Plant-based Turnip Plant Turnip
Plant-based Passion Fruit Vine Passion fruit
Plant-based Grape Vine Grape
Plant-based Cranberry Vine Cranberry
Plant-based Bilberry Bush Bilberry
Plant-based Blueberry Bush Blueberry
Plant-based Blackberry Bush Blackberry
Plant-based Raspberry Bush Raspberry
Plant-based Pineapple Plant Pineapple
Plant-based Plump Helmet Plump helmet
Plant-based Pig tail Pig tail
Plant-based Cave Wheat Cave wheat
Plant-based Sweet Pod Sweet pod
Plant-based Muck Root Muck root
Plant-based Bloated Tuber Bloated tuber
Plant-based Prickle Berry Prickle berry
Plant-based Strawberry Plant Strawberry
Plant-based Longland Grass Longland grass
Plant-based Rat Weed Rat weed
Plant-based Fisher Berry Fisher berry
Plant-based Rope Reed Rope reed
Plant-based Sliver Barb Sliver barb
Plant-based Sun Berry Sun berry
Plant-based Whip Vine Whip vine
Fruit/Leaves Artichoke Heart Artichoke
Fruit/Leaves Grape Grape
Fruit/Leaves Banana Banana
Fruit/Leaves Carambola Carambola
Fruit/Leaves Durian Durian
Fruit/Leaves Guava Guava
Fruit/Leaves Papaya Papaya
Fruit/Leaves Custard-apple Custard-apple
Fruit/Leaves Date Date
Fruit/Leaves Lychee Lychee
Fruit/Leaves Apple Apple
Fruit/Leaves Apricot Apricot
Fruit/Leaves Bayberry bayberry
Fruit/Leaves Cherry Cherry
Fruit/Leaves Peach Peach
Fruit/Leaves Pear Pear
Fruit/Leaves Persimmon Persimmon
Fruit/Leaves Plum Plum
Fruit/Leaves Sand Pear Sand pear
Fruit/Leaves Mango Mango