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Save File

This is a page for a different sort of community fortress (I'm going to call it a parallel fortress) called Dathaecamo. The fort started (and continues) as a forum thread here. A location was chosen and the region save was uploaded. Then we all started forts on the same site and we're reporting the results as we go. Each of the parallel forts can link their own page to this one and links to a basic map of the area as well as the save game are here as well.

Embark map for Dathaecamo.

We ended up changing the embark area dimensions slightly so it's a 4x6 area (4 horizontally by 6 vertically). See the forum thread for more details.

Bluerobin427's Fort[edit]

I decided to start on the lowlands, since I like a little bit of flat area outside my main entrance. This is a little bit less defensible, but the hillside will probably end up covered in traps or marksdwarf outcroppings any way I do it. As of now I like writing in the narrative style with pictures where I remember to take them, so that's how most of my fort's story will be told. There will also be yearly maps linked to track progress with points of interest added for those who like them.

My fort is here.

mrchinchin25's Fort[edit]

Shieldrisen, a Dwarven Fortress settled by The Livid Sword. Despite a number of immediate setbacks (ie. fire imps), the great fortress Shieldrisen is underway. Not for us a life amongst the grasslands, we mountain dwarves carved our way straight into the heart of the mountain.

You can see our progress here.

Userpay's Fort[edit]

I am the one who came up with the idea of this community fortress but I must give credit to Bluerobin427 for creating the wiki page. From the clan of the Elder Mechanism, the fort Zanegshelret (Relictrance).

Link to fort is here.