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"It's more like they chose the first spot that didn't look too overrun with threats and couldn't think of a name." -Raycaster
"Distantcity" in other Languages Books-aj.svg aj ashton 01.svg
Dwarven: Ruthöshineth
Elvish: Cifaneleÿe
Goblin: Mamsnog
Human: Bedoeno

Distantcity is a succession game from the official Team17 Forums. Similar in style to Boatmurdered, control of the fortress rotates after each year. During and after their year, the overseer will choose a dwarf to be an avatar of them, having the same nickname. They are exempt from having their orders changed by future overseers. Currently, five years have passed since the dawn of The Game, which all started with The Big Idea.

Year 1: Raycaster[edit]

The Time Has Come

Our Fortress has Gone a Year

Year 2: Zero[edit]

Well, Journal, We Have Arrived

Like Any Dwarf is Overworked

The hell IS soap?!

That "Legendary" Miner is Such a Showoff

...Yep, Somebody's Gone Crazy

Humans, Journal!


I've Begun to Value Solitude

Caravans Give Me This Sick Feeling

Take That, Everybody Else!

A Goblin Ambush!

DistantCity's First Death...

Long Live Rith Bomreklosis

Some Troubling News

Forced to Mobilize the Military


Forget the Horrors That Have Come to Pass

Year 3: Plasma[edit]

I Arrived in Late Today

High Time I Elect a Mayor

Note to Self: Water Can Climb Stairs

All Because of Dumb Luck

One Imbecile of a Thief

Half Way Through my Reign

Aaah! Sky Dwarfs Just Came Down!

My Dwarfs are Idiots.

Sure, it Took About Half a Year to do

I've Done My Year of Overseeing

Year 4: Pigbuster[edit]

A "Fortress Makeover" Specialist

No Order at All

A Semi-Massive Cave-In

The Fortress has a Traffic Problem

A Lack of Foresight on my Part

Everything's in Order Now

Something Off in the Distance...

They Underestimated Our Defenses

Some Spare Clothing to Sell Either Way!

My Job is Done

Year 5: SupSuper[edit]

Big Responsibility, No Benefits...

Bunch of Hypocrites

Oh Boy.

They Can't Afford the Rent

...Well, I Never Expected This to Happen

Demanding That I Get You a Platinum Weapon Rack?

That's a Lot of Stuff You Got There

Those Poor Puppies...


You Might Wanna Forget About Him Now

Dwarves Have No Brains These Days

Promoted to a County

The Adventures of Plasma and his Hell Hounds: Part I

The Adventures of Plasma and his Hell Hounds: Part II

Wow, That Looks Bad.

Lock Down the Fort!

This is the End for me Though...

The Graveyard is a Bit Overcrowded

A Child Beat the Crap Out of a Puppy

These Dwarves Take Their Nightmares Seriously

As The Death Toll Rises, Spring Comes

Year 6: Paul.Power (Cancelled)[edit]

The First Thing we Should do is -

Healing Diplomatic Rifts -

Distantcity abruptly ceases communication and is lost forever.