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Elbowmetal is the Bloodline game currently run at the forums of the Electronic Gamers' Guild (E.G.G.) of the University of Technology Sydney (strangely enough located in Sydney, Australia). Fortress control rotates per year, with each overseer taking control from Spring to Spring.

All from within and without the Guild are welcome to participate!

Year One (Wayfinder): Strike the Earth! (begins Thu Jan 22, 2009)[edit]

Consent Not Required

"...hideous yet adorable mockeries of nature..."

"...the greater good of Fortress Elbowmetal is helping the grieving process considerably."

Year Two (Pro Victim) (begins Sat Jan 24, 2009)[edit]

"We hear good things about turtles and mules."

"I am desperately trying to construct a cage, as I have noticed that there is a breeding pair of cats."

"...the construction of various pits..."

"I fear the repocusions of accepting such a large population."

"This summer, the previous mayor held two parties."

"The weaver went insane and died of thirst, next to the well."

Year Three (Chicken Slayer) (begins Sun Feb 01, 2009)[edit]

"I have made it to goal of my reign to clean the fortress up"

"one of my miners made a rather unexpected discovery"

"underground lake and sand"

"magma pipe found"

"artifact coffer"

Year Four (Jackal) (begins Thu May 21, 2009)[edit]

"update 1"

"magma escapades"

"magma clean up"

Year Five () ()[edit]

"TBD - link goes to last save"