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The Tale of Girdertrampled is one of mystery, intrigue and... well we only just started so stay tuned!

About The Game[edit]

See the Dwarf Fortress thread on the xkcd forums The idea of starting a succession game was thrown around for a while. One poster suggested a community fortress, where every player starts off on the same map at the same location, and then designs their own individual fortresses.
However, Schmendreck started this bloodline game and offered other players to join. So begins the tale of Girdertrampled.

Succession Players[edit]

  1. Schmendreck
  2. Xaddak
  3. Aluminus
  4. berengal
  5. annals
  6. Azrael001
  7. AKAnotu


Introduction: Strike The Earth In which dwarfs embark on a treacherous journey (Schmendreck)
Chapter 1: New Beginnings In which dwarfs make a home for themselves(Schmendreck)
Chapter 2: In which things are organized... hopefully (Xaddak)
Chapter 3: In which an uninvited guest appears late to the party (Aluminus)
Chapter 4: (berengal)
Chapter 5: (annals)
Chapter 6: In which many bad things happen, or rather, one long bad thing... (Azrael001)
Chapter 7: In which nothing happens, due to the whole fortress being rather dead (AKAnotu)