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Welcome to Ironhold! Ironhold is a parallel universe succession game. What does that mean? After the first year is played, the save file is handed off to two players to compare how the same initial fortress progresses when in different hands.

The player list is cyclic, so everyone will have a chance to play in both of the parallel universes.

Please try to finish your turn within a week. Preferably, simultaneous players will publish their results together... that is, in lockstep, to keep revelations in one universe from prematurely leaking into the other.

If you know you won't be able to do your turn when it comes up, please send an email or post to the forums, so that the next player can step forward. Don't just leave us hanging in Dwarf limbo...

The Dwarf Fortress Thread From Which Ironhold Was Spawned (Penny Arcade Forums)


Year Universe A Universe B
1052 The Second Year, A (ilmmad) Map Save The Second Year, B (Sterling) Map Save
1053 The Third Year, A (admanb) Map Save Trial By Fire: Ironhold, 1053, B (Sorenson) Save
1054 Getting started... (SanderJK) ...
1055 TBD TBD

Upcoming Players[edit]

Despite being shown in two columns here, the player list is cyclic. So when the players at the top finish their turn, they get added back to the bottom, but also swap universes. New players should be added to the bottom of either list.

Year Universe A Universe B
1055 Dyvion tehmarken
1056 ZeroCow Someone who's probably not Sorenson
1057 Sterling blast
1058 Sushisource ilmmad
1059 TheKoolEagle admanb
1060 The One Dark Knight SanderJK