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Bloodline:Mareathira Liceva

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Mareathira Liceva is the world generated for the reddit 2k immigrant bloodline game. Once the Libashernam "Axemodest" fortress is eventually abandoned, the save will be available here so future reddit bloodlines can continue with the same world history.

Table of Contents[edit]

Mareathira Liceva[edit]

Mareathira Liceva

Anyone involved can feel free to write something up here from the history.

Various Maps[edit]

Fortress - Libashernam "Axemodest", Year 202 Embark[edit]


Mareathira Liceva Embark.png

Embarking to a 2x2 location overlapping two Biomes:

  • Slexsmul Snulut - The Swamp of Stabilizing. A Tropical Freshwater Swamp
    Warm/Heavily Forested/Think vegetation/untamed wilds
    Stone Layers: Silt/Granite/Gabbro/Granite/Diorite/Diorite/Granite/Quartzite
  • Era Lulo - The Horn of Washing. A Mountain
    Hot, Bare, untamed wilds
    Stone Layers: Granite/Gabbro/Granite/Diorite/Diorite/Granite/Quartzite/Shist

From the Civilization: Lokum Ilir ("The Spears of Joy")

Using "Play Now" settings for extra fun.

The Fort: Libashernam ("Axemodest") is founded by the group Sigun Amud ("The Tour of Thunder"). Strike the earth!


Each player has three days to complete their turn. If it isn't complete within that time then your turn will be skipped.
You can use senduit to send the save (zipped) to the next player (through a reddit personal message).
  1. Mason11987 - Journal - Complete
  2. Epsilon_Eridani - Journal - Complete
  3. Zebra2 - Journal - Complete
  4. TopRamen713 - Journal - Complete
  5. pytechd - Journal - Complete
  6. Enigma6 - Journal - Complete
  7. Armok - Journal - Complete
  8. supertoned - Journal - Has been sent Save
  9. Jevon - Journal
  10. nihilistyounglife- Journal
  11. Glayve - Journal
  12. JamesOFarrell - Journal
  13. artz - Journal
  14. ArcticEngineer - Journal
  15. Eduren - Journal
  16. omglazers - Journal
  • Passed - Can rejoin after the current player if requested.
  1. DrRandom - Passed (save problems)
  2. grjemo - Passed (out of town)
  3. Kristofenpheiffer - Passed (crashing problems)


Must be applied by player at the beginning of their turn:

  • Population Cap - 80
  • Temperature: Player's choice
  • Weather: Player's choice
  • Economy: OFF
  • Invaders: ON
  • Cave-ins: ON

Set in raw, just for your information:

  • Exotic Animals: OFF - This means a dungeon master isn't required to train/tame animals like lions/giant eagles/etc.

Year 1 (202)[edit]

1st Granite, 202, Early Spring[edit]

Amost Kollesast: Hi, you can call me Amost, I'm the Expedition Leader for Libashernam. This is the journal of the events in the lives of the inhabitants of this mountain fortress. Each journal entry will be presented by a particular dwarf, or by myself for information related to the fortress as a whole. To begin, here are my companions!

  • Amost (Expedition Leader/Narrator) - The Mason/Detailer/Mechanic - 84yo Female
  • Alath - The Miner - 63yo Female
  • Atir - The Carpenter - 58yo Male
  • Deduk - The Crafter/Jeweler - 82yo Male
  • Olin - The Fisherman - 64yo Female
  • Tobul - The Butcher/Handyman - 86yo Female
  • Ilral - The Dr/Farmer/Lumberjack - 56yo Male

Amost: Today we set up our fishing location for Olin in a nearby pond and marked off some area to be dug out by Alath. We also marked an area of trees to be cut by Ilral. The rest of us started collecting any and all plants we could gather as soon as possible. I assigned Ilral to be our Chief Medical Dwarf as well.

Atir: Along with gathering plants I started construction on a Carpenter’s shop to make us all some beds.

Mareathira Liceva Journal 202 1.png

Alath: Here is Amost’s digging plan, I’ll describe it for you:

  • A: This is our main hallway we could line with traps and guard dogs later.
  • B: This is where we could house our military in the future.
  • C: There is a ramp down here to a lower level, currently only connecting to D.
  • D: A ramp up from the lower level
  • E: These will be our farms. and above them a small stockpile for seeds and a walkway.

2nd Granite, 202, Early Spring[edit]

Atir: I’ve struck Silver! On the first day striking the earth too! Praise to Armok!

10th Granite, 202, Early Spring[edit]

Mareathira Liceva Journal 202 2.png

Olin: Oh my Armok! A giant Eagle!

14th Granite, 202, Early Spring[edit]

Mareathira Liceva Journal 202 3.png

Deduk: Today I was taken off of collection duty and started creating rock crafts. The first trade good of Libashernam. My first creation is a testament to the greatness that will follow here.

Alath: What a cute cat! I’ll name her Eral and she will hunt vermin for us!

24th Granite, 202, Early Spring[edit]

Amost: I completed our groups 7 beds. In the future grand bedrooms will be constructed for these 7 dwarves, but today they sleep in the barracks, piled in together.

7th Slate, 202, Mid-Spring[edit]

Atir: I’ve begun construction on 4 doors which will hold water in our farms during their irrigation.

9th Slate, 202, Mid-Spring[edit]

Iral: I’ve begun brewing all our plump helmets in anticipation of our planting the spawn in our fields.

Amost: And I’m working on a bunch of barrels to store the wine.

17th Slate, 202, Mid-Spring[edit]

Mareathira Liceva Journal 202 4.png

Alath: After a month and a half of mining I’d now consider myself quite Talented at the skill. This is what I have created. As you can see some of the other dwarves are quite lazy.

20th Slate, 202, Mid-Spring[edit]

Alath: Another cat? SURE! I’ll name her Edem.

25th Slate, 202, Mid-Spring[edit]

Alath: And with this strike we flood our farms and begin producing our own food!

Alath hits the earth, and a torrent of water floods out.

Alath: RUN!

13th Felsite, 202, Late Spring[edit]

Amost: This giant Eagle has been annoying us for far too long. We’ve decided to attempt to capture this bird, through a cross wall cage, Tobul is saying this will work, the rest of us are skeptical.

Tobul: It will work, Amost doesn’t know about animals like I do.

3rd Hematite, 202, Early Summer[edit]

Ilral: Finally, I’m able to begin farming, some delicious plump helmets!

11th Hematite, 202, Early Summer[edit]

Tobul: The trap is set, now we just wait, it’ll work…

24th Hematite, 202, Early Summer[edit]

Amost: Some brave souls have decided they would join us in our new outpost. The six of them have been lead here by Cilob Anametur. This is some information about each of them:

  • Cilob - The crossbow maker and Adequete Armorsmith - 69yo Male
  • Lor Dodokvod - The Butcher - 54yo Male
  • Lor Likotshoveth (We’ll call him “Likot”) - The Herbalist - 76yo Female
  • Sazir - The child - 8mo Female
  • Shorast - The child - 3yo Male
  • Tobul Fikoddolek (We’ll call him “Fikod”) - The general food worker - 83yo Male

Likot and Cilob are the Mother and Father of Sazir and Shorast.

3rd Malachite, 202, Mid-Summer[edit]

Cilob: We’ve just joined Amost and his friends here at Libashernam. We see great things for our future, I hope to create a better life for my family here, but things will be difficult starting out. I’ve been enlisted to join in the mining operations with Alath, I’ll do my best to stay out of his way.

9th Malachite, 202, Mid-Summer[edit]

Mareathira Liceva Journal 202 5.png

Amost: I’ve just finished designating some workshop areas when Olin ran into the barracks.

Olin: Giant Jaguar!

Amost: We’ve put cage traps in our entrance way in hopes of protecting our children.

15th Malachite, 202, Mid-Summer[edit]

Amost: We’ve placed some new bed for our new members, the barracks is becoming quite crowded now.

10th Galena, 202, Late Summer[edit]

Tobul: I’ve yet to catch anything with my cage trap design, so Amost has assigned me to be a crafter in our new craftdwarfs work area as a punishment…

18th Limestone, 202, Early Autumn[edit]

Amost: We’ve finished moving everything inside. We are officially at the beginning of our journey into the earth, with a single line of cage traps protecting us from the outdoors. We’re surveying a good location inside our fort for our trade depot because we expect a caravan from the mountainhome later this season.

5th Sandstone, 202, Mid-Autumn[edit]

Amost: Seven more immigrants! And quite a few skilled ones at that. They have been led here by Litast Ritholmonom. Here is some information about each of them:

  • Adil - The High Master Brewer - 56yo Male
  • Avuz - The Cheesemaker - 66yo Male
  • Dastot - The Peasant - 63yo Male
  • Erith - The Smith - 62yo Female
  • Goden - The Miner and Gemcutter - 60yo Male
  • Litast - The Expert Mason/Engraver and Architect - 78yo Male
  • Tun - The Peasant - 64yo Male

8th Sandstone, 202, Mid-Autumn[edit]

Mareathira Liceva Journal 202 6.png

Tobul: I CAUGHT IT! I caught the eagle! YES!

Amost: Fine… you can be our animal trainer. Amost: Tun! You are now a crafter.

24th Sandstone, 202, Mid-Autumn[edit]

Amost: Deduk has been possessed! He’ll probably go to the craftdwarfs workshop. Let’s hope we have the supplies he needs!

Amost: He’s claimed a workshop… and begun a mysterious construction!

26th Sandstone, 202, Mid-Autumn[edit]

Tobul: I’ve tamed our giant eagle* and roped him up around the corner of our entrance. Later we can make him a war or hunting eagle to help our soldiers.

*Due to bugs in the Dungeon Master, the save's raws have been changed so no animals requires a dungeon master to be trained.

1st Timber, 202, Late Autumn[edit]

Mareathira Liceva Journal 202 7.png

Deduk: So it seems I produced our first artifact: Atolasdug, “Finddrummed”, a gabbro crown while possessed. It has a value of 4800, and here is it’s description:

3rd Timber, 202, Late Autumn[edit]

Amost: Too many of our dwarves are sitting around doing nothing so I’ve assigned Dastot to be the record keeper. He’ll count up our stones so they can all be dumped near our craftdwarves workshop.

14th Timber, 202, Late Autumn[edit]

Amost: A caravan from Lokum Ilir has arrived with The Hammerdwarf Muthkat Govosonol. I’ve assigned Avuz to be our Broker going forward.

Muthkat: Greetings Amost, what supplies would Libashernam like to receive?

Amost: Hi Muthkat, we’d like to request some Wood, otherwise just send whatever you like. Thanks!

Muthkat: Great, in return we are paying high prices for toys, handwear and amulets in particular.

17th Timber, 202, Late Autumn[edit]

Muthkat: It appears one of our speardwarves has slaughtered a Giant Eagle over your brook, I hope his blood and vomit doesn’t spoil your water. Sorry

18th Timber, 202, Late Autumn[edit]

Avuz: Okay, let’s see what we can trade today. We have a large pile of crafts which you guys seem to love, about 6440 worth. What can we get for that?

Merchant Eshtan: How about some food, drink, seeds, and a few different animals?

Avuz: How about that Bronze Battle Axe, Iron Breastplate, and Steel Shield?

Eshtan: Deal!

15th Moonstone, 202, Early Winter[edit]

Deduk: I’ve created our first masterpiece! A masterful orthoclase amulet!

28th Moonstone, 202, Early Winter[edit]

Mareathira Liceva Journal 202 8.png

Tobul: We’ve spotted another Giant Eagle outside near my trap. Another female though, but it would still be useful for breeding once we catch a male.

5th Opal, 202, Mid-Winter[edit]

Amost: We’ve expanded our defenses to three layers of cage traps, this should help for any possible attacks by wild animals.

21st Opal, 202, Mid-Winter[edit]

Mareathira Liceva Journal 202 9.png

Amost: I’ve designated an area for our bedrooms. They have 2 thick borders so that when rooms are designated with walls, the rooms don’t overlap. We’ve started constructing some beds, doors, cabinets, and coffers as well though the rooms probably won't be furnished this year.

8th Obsidian, 202, Late Winter[edit]

Ilral: We’ve built a kitchen and started creating some lavish meals, mostly to empty some barrels.

1st Granite, 203, Early Spring[edit]

Mareathira Liceva Journal 202 10.png

Amost: So begins 203, the second year of Libashernam. We have a few workshop areas set up, a few good production farms and we’re working on our bedrooms as well.

Avuz: Part of my duties as broker is to produce an end-of-year report. Which is shown here.

Year 2 (203)[edit]

1st Granite[edit]

I have become leader of this place. I'm not sure how, it's not like we have elections. 19 other dwarves inhabit this hole in the mountain that we call home. My first act as leader I've changed craft production to stone mugs.

We've been climbing over stockpiles at the entrance of the fort too long. As my second act I've called for their removal.

Mareathira Liceva 203-Granite-1.png

7th of Granite[edit]

Since our past leader decided to build an incredibly lavish battery of bedrooms, I've continued on that theme and ordered them smoothed.

Mareathira Liceva 203-Granite-7.png

18th of Granite[edit]

Our record keeper has no proper office, so I've issued the dig orders to construct a few offices. We're also in dire need of a manager. I've made myself our fortress manager, not wanting to trust anyone else with such an important role.

Mareathira Liceva 203-Granite-18.png

9th of Slate[edit]

Progress on the bedrooms continues slowly. Smoothing these walls on both sides is slowing down work. I've decided to start exploring the mountain further. What we lack is a metal industry. A fortress is not a fortress without the flaming roar of a forge and the sounds of a smith's hammer.

Mareathira Liceva 203-Slate-9.png

12th of Slate[edit]

By Thash! We've discovered a massive underground cavern.

Mareathira Liceva 203-Slate-12.png

Alath spotted a Giant Olm. I've ordered the cavern sealed for now, who knows what else might lie in wait.

Mareathira Liceva 203-Slate-12-2.png

13th of Slate[edit]

The production of mugs is in full force. Deduk Domaslikot has produced the first masterpiece and many more are sure to follow. Mugs are the consumable foundation of dwarven economy, anyone who has dined with us would know they don't survive many meals.

Mareathira Liceva 203-Slate-13.png

14th of Slate[edit]

With the offices in place, I can finally managed orders from a desk instead of barking them at each individual workshop. This is such an amazing time saver that I'm thinking of projects to start finally.

Mareathira Liceva 203-Slate-14.png

17th of Slate[edit]

All bedroom furniture hauling is done. Progress on the rough hewn walls is disappointing but as our engraver, Litast, becomes more skilled it will speed up.

Mareathira Liceva 203-Slate-17.png

20th of Slate[edit]

I've designated some exploratory mining areas in hopes that Alath and Atir find us a rich vein of valuable metals. Platinum or aluminium would be best, followed by gold. I have dreams of drinking a fine dwarven ale from a platinum mug.

23rd of Slate[edit]

Migrants have arrived! The fortress population has exactly doubled in a single wave. I now have 39 minions to command.

File:Mareathira Liceva 203-Slate-23.png

5th of Felsite[edit]

We've struck a vein of gold! This is where Armok smiles upon the fortress. I've ordered much of it excavated immediately.

Mareathira Liceva 203-Felsite-5.png

15th of Felsite[edit]

The elves, barely tolerable creatures, have arrived to trade. I've sent them off with a bundle full of our plentiful stone mugs in exchange for some variety in the flow of booze. They traded us a stash of wood logs, a most hypocritical action from the elves.

Mareathira Liceva 203-Felsite-15.png

4th of Hematite[edit]

Extraction of the gold veins progresses. There seems to be an abundant supply. Some of the less skill miners have ruined some of it but it is still enough to begin smelting into bars.

Mareathira Liceva 203-Hematite-4.png

12th of Hematite[edit]

I've ordered construction of the a bridge to act as a gate for the fortress entrance. As the hoard grows, we may need to deal with more than just simple thieves and I don't want to put my life in the hands of a few wooden traps and one eagle who was dumb enough to get caught by them.

Mareathira Liceva 203-Hematite-12.png

18th of Hematite[edit]

A second floor of bedrooms has been designed, the fortress' growing population crowded into a few extra beds in the main hallway and the first floor. I've continued with the opulent design set forth before my time as ruler. If we find enough gold, I might start plating the floors with it.

Mareathira Liceva 203-Hematite-18.png

22nd of Hematite[edit]

Alath is now a legendary miner and has been tasked (along with the other less experience mienrs) with carving a new workshop area for the budding metal industry.

Mareathira Liceva 203-Hematite-22.png

10th of Malachite[edit]

We've begun burning wood for charcoal but if smelting is to continue unabated we will need to locate another source of fuel.

19th of Malachite[edit]

A band of snailmen have made an attempt to enter the fortress. Cage traps worked well, we have now caged several of the slimy hideous beasts.

Mareathira Liceva 203-Malachite-19.png

22nd of Malachite[edit]

The first gold bars have been smelted and stored.

Mareathira Liceva 203-Malachite-22.png

3rd of Galena[edit]

Just three lone dwarves have joined the fortress. Tales of our growing fortress have only found but a few ears it seems.

8th of Galena[edit]

We've dug deep enough to hit magma! This is the answer to our lack of fuel.

Mareathira Liceva 203-Galena-8.png

The discovery has also hinted at the presence of adamantine in the depths.

Mareathira Liceva 203-Galena-8-2.png

The king shall hear of our fortune. The blue metal is the stuff of legends. Praise Armok!

9th of Galena[edit]

Meng, one of our newer miners, has been possessed by unknown forces! He quickly claimed a Mason's Workshop. He's been muttering things about needing rocks, thread, and skins ever since. With luck, we may be able to trade for the threads to satiate his madness.

Mareathira Liceva 203-Galena-9.png

18th of Galena[edit]

A human caravan has arrived to trade. Meng may be in good fortune with the gods of the mountain as yet.

Mareathira Liceva 203-Galena-18.png

25th of Galena[edit]

Before the humans left, negotiations were made to aquire a set of bronze weapons in exchange for our finely crafted stone mugs. A military does not yet seem necessary but its time will come.

27th of Galena[edit]

A goblin thief attempted to enter the fortress but once again cage traps have protected the hoard.

28th of Galena[edit]

A second, this time kobold, thief tried where the first had failed but was once again thwarted.

1st of Limestone[edit]

Already, it is autumn. My rein feels like it is just getting started. I've ordered plans set in motion to build a smelter and quarters near the magma deeps. It will be a simple life for whoever I sentence to a lifetime of smelting, but a rewarding one as they contribute to our cause. The human caravan did not carry the thread Meng demands and I fear he may soon go insane.

23rd of Limestone[edit]

Tales of our successes must have reached home by word of the humans. Another wave of immigrants have arrived bringing the population to 55 strong dwarves.

A lever has been installed at now controls the bridge at the entryway. Sealing us in should the above ground become less than favorable.

Mareathira Liceva 203-Limestone-23.png

7th of Sandstone[edit]

As I feared, Meng has gone insane. His melancholy mood and behaviour will eventually kill him and there is nothing that we can do but watch. I've ordered the production of coffins.

Mareathira Liceva 203-Sandstone-7.png

9th of Sandstone[edit]

The magma forge and smelter have begun to output gold and other metals. The first forged item is a golden cage.

Mareathira Liceva 203-Sandstone-9.png

26th of Sandstone[edit]

As tribute to my successes with the metal industry, I have ordered the creation of four gold statues.

12th of Timber[edit]

A caravan from the mountainhome has arrived.

16th of Timber[edit]

The value of the fortress grows every day! We're making gold goblets, barrels, cages, statues and I've ordered furniture studded with cut gem stones.

Mareathira Liceva 203-Timber-16.png

The fortress is now valued at 102,285

22nd of Timber[edit]

Kobold filth was once again turned away by traps. Something will need to be done about the growing prisoner of war population.

Mareathira Liceva 203-Timber-22.png

Meng Shorastkokeb is the first of the fortress to die. His mining abilities were neither legendary or essential but he will be missed. We have put him to rest in a kimberlite coffin.

25th of Timber[edit]

Trading with the mountainhome dwarves has been concluded. We sent them off with a gold statue of dwarves, as a message of our waxing prosperity. Along with the usual wagons full of stone mugs. Winter is just around the corner.

Mareathira Liceva 203-Timber-25.png

23rd of Moonstone[edit]

I've had a grand bedroom built fit for an expedition leader. Gold statues, gold cabinets, and a baby giant eagle restrained with a gold chain. It's good to be the leader.

Mareathira Liceva 203-Moonstone-23.png

25th of Moonstone[edit]

Thash damn it. The ettin Olnen Leganthathur Avum Kebul approaches our fortress. We haven't even the smallest military with which to defend ourselves. The two headed hideous beast is untested, I wouldn't dare send untrained warriors after it. Instead we've sealed the entrance to prevent the beast from entering.

Mareathira Liceva 203-Moonstone-25.png

26th of Moonstone[edit]

The ettin beast had kept its distance since the bridge was drawn yesterday but has started hunting down animals that were left outside the fortress walls. In second each poor animal is torn down and left in a pool of its own blood.

4th of Opal[edit]

Olnen has eaten many of our stranded livestock now. In light of the new threat, I've built a barracks and started a small military squad training.

15th of Opal[edit]

The military squad will take some time to become proficient enough to challenge Olnen. Instead we have turned our focus to further metal production and creation of meals/brews. The second floor of the bedrooms has reached completion and is being smoothed now.

Mareathira Liceva 203-Opal-15.png

I hate to think of what that Ettin will do if anyone ventures to our fortress. The promise of wealth is like the bait for Olnen's meals.

24th of Opal[edit]

I do not understand how it happened but somehow Olnen has been captured by the simplest of wooden cage traps. A well-crafted highwood cage. It's like catching a horse with a mere bundle of twigs and some of that elvish chewing gum. Whatever miracles may have been involved, I've ordered the bridge reopened so that we may resume collecting wood.

Legends background: Olnen Lêganthatur Avum Kebul, otherwise known as "Olnen Mirthscribes the Culmination of Sparkles" was an ettin who originally settled in Airechoed. He had killed 24 Notable figures (22 humans, 1 elf and 1 dwarf) before it was finally trapped by a wooden cage.

Mareathira Liceva 203-Opal-24.png

28th of Opal[edit]

It took several days for poor Ducim to haul the monsterous Ettin cage back to storage. It fills me with anxiety to think of what will happen if the cage were to break.

4th of Obsidian[edit]

Perhaps putting a giant eagle hatchling in my bedroom was not the best idea. I have been unable to sleep with its annoying cries at all hours of the morning.

6th of Obsidian[edit]

Likot has given birth to a baby girl! A celebration will be held.

16th of Obsidian[edit]

We've spotted a magma man in the depths and tigermen on the surface. Several more goblins have been captured. Caution is needed in the upcoming year.

Mareathira Liceva 203-Obsidian-16.png

1st of Granite, 204[edit]

The year end report has been prepared once again:

Mareathira Liceva 203-End.png

Under my rule, the fortress has seen a steady increase in food and drink stores, a vast increase in wealth, and only one death. Our first squadron, "The Infamous Daggers" is training to fight the danger that lies ahead. And we know of the adamantine, it's tempting blue glow drawing us ever nearer. May year 204 continue our good fortune. Strike the earth!

Year 3 (204)[edit]

1st Granite[edit]

Eral “Zeebratu” Limurâluk, Armorer

Here I am having a drink when Meng the metalcrafter bursts in and nearly collapses. Some chaps rush over to see what's wrong, poor Meng can barely utter “b... b... booze...”

She's lucky. She nearly died of dehydration. I don't know what she was doing down in the depths for so long that it got this bad. Probably those damned magma forges in the forsaken depths.

Us metalworkers get nigh the respect we are due, spending whole days just going to-and-fro to get work done. I suppose it's expected when the citizens don't honor the *true* metalcrafts of war. The administration here is more concerned with pumping out trinkets. I mean... ML111.png Holy mugs, Armok. While furniture and nick-knacks of petty ores may please our dear administrators, my talents for armoring go unused. We'll see how the administration likes it when our soldiers face battle lacking all equipment...

2nd Granite[edit]


The current administration is producing way too much food. No variety either. All helmets and... fibrous pig tail. Mmm, rope biscuits. If Avuz doesn't get some new seeds from the next caravan I'm gonna shove a granite mug up his lower intestine.

There isn't even any place for all this food to go. I fear it's all going to wilt on the fields.

4th Granite[edit]

Cats! Everywhere cats! Unclaimed cats! Cats ripe for harvest! Yet there are no butcher shops. I suppose I will eat these weeds rather than feast on wholesome meat. I suppose that is mayor Eridani's plan. That bastard and his baby pet eagle.

Perhaps I will have a word with him about this...

8th Granite[edit]

Blast! The damned administration. They've move all us metalworkers down to quarters in the depths of the caverns. They've torn down our old workplaces at the surface and are expanding to put us down by the magma full-time!


The weaver and fish cleaner reside across the hall and it smells.

24th Granite[edit]

Ah, Eridani that cheeky bastard. I can see he took my advice about the cat problem to heart. He's placed the butchery across from the furnaces and wants ME to get rid of the cats. Now I can smell like animals along with dead fish and cave spiders.

He's probably laughing his ass off and buggering that chained-up eagle right now.

26th Granite[edit]

Newfolk have arrived. 27 total, 4 children! We now have 88 in all. I doubt we can take any more.

Mass slaughter of excess animals is now in action. More than anything I'd like to get my hands on that eagle hatchling Eridani has...

17th Slate[edit]

Now more forges and smelters are operational. Bronze production is in the works. Finally my talents will go into fine armor for our troops!

18th Slate[edit]

Hah! They are now studding their precious mugs with jewels! Who wants a mug for 2100☼ anyways?

11th Felsite[edit]

Finally, it has been arranged for me to forge full sets of the finest bronze armor for our warriors. Might take some time though...


13th Felsite[edit]

Elves are here. What could they have to offer us that's of any use? We need sharp metal, not fruity trinkets.

15th Felsite[edit]

A miner has been possessed by forces unknown! I wonder if he's going to make another mug.


28th Felsite[edit]

Avuz got some wood and booze from the elves. Alath is building something curious now.

5th Hematite[edit]


17th Hematite[edit]

Finally they have opened a proper dining hall. About damn time! No more eating off the floor for me!


3rd Malchite[edit]

Hah! Eagle-boinker Eridani got the boot! I suppose this new Zuntir fellow will make a better mayor.


22nd Malachite[edit]

Finally our soldiers are getting the quality equipment they deserve. The outfits are not yet complete, but they’ll be decked in bronze plate head to toe! Now all they need is some sharp weapons.


3rd Galena[edit]

Word has it a giant tiger has roamed into our lands. The military seems eager to test their skills!

18th Galena[edit]

Humans are shuffling into the fort now. They should have some items worth their weight; particularly I would like to see some fine weaponry.

21st Galena[edit]

So Dîshmab Momuzavuz comes up to me at the table and starts bragging about killing kobolds, thinking he's being all slick and flirty. Tells two came in a pair and how he rushed out and took them both out. Funny story... everyone else says they got away :/

22nd Galena[edit]


That thresher Zon Cerolmatul is a pushy bastard. Came down the stairs and pushed me off the magma forge, mumbling something about having to make some Fashuk thing. The sod's not even a decent smith. Fool doesn't even realize you can't smelt leather!


25th Galena[edit]

How horrible, someone got stabbed by a kobold. I hear they're fine though. I'd like to see Dîshmab try and brag about that though.

26th Galena[edit]

So we got a bit more variety in booze plus a couple weapons from the humans in exchange for some gnomeblight and mugs.

3rd Limestone[edit]

Ok, so she's got a bit of smithing in her. I doubt she could do it again, though.


11th Limestone[edit]

I heard a howl echo through the halls from outside. Everyone stopped in alarm. Sent chills down my spine.


They're rushing us down to the caverns! Something horrible is out there!

Godspeed soldiers! May my armor serve you well!


Perhaps I'm being overly dramatic. It seems that this beastly minotaur has roamed the planet for hundreds of years instilling terror and death upon countless ancient civilizations to be foiled by a wooden cage. Oh, how these finely-crafted wooden bars vex his mind!

Legends Background: Nashra Nemanri Kashi Kateng, otherwise known as "Nashra Righteousboot the Subtlety of Skinning" was a minotaur. He originally settled in Veildshadow the Stances of Evaporation in year 1. He killed 7 humans before his attack against Axemodest trapped him in a cage.

18th Limestone[edit]

A golden monument is being placed to honor the conviction and prowess of our people. We have sustained through two encounters with legendary beasts. Cheers, I say!

23rd Limestone[edit]

A lass in the fort birthed a boy during her sleep. Amazing; even such an idea gives me pain. If he had wandered off much farther before she woke he may have ended up falling down the stairs.

17th Timber[edit]

As I haul the precious metals to build our monument...


Just on the horizon, I see them. Goblins. Many. Their leader perched upon a giant rat!


The entryway to shelter lies between us. Will I make it? Is this the end?

The blood rushes to my head, time slows down. I drop the silver bars. I dash to the entryway, the soldiers rush past me as I run down the hall. I look back. They lie in wait for the enemy to pass the corner.

I hear loud snapping as traps go off. Slender silhouettes appear at the far end of the hall. Our guard eagle, torn to shreds!


The figures fall back, their leader must be caged!

“For Axemodest!” The soldiers yell. The clanking of their full bronze armor suits echoes through the hall as they charge.

Mîstem Isakrakust recieves a blow to the leg from a lasher's scourge. He falls in pain as the vile creature bashes him in the chest! He is beaten again and again, the horror! He slips away in agony as the others fight around him.


Catten the speardwarf lands a killing blow to the chest of the goblin Atu! Warriors pile on top of eachother, body parts fly everywhere! A cowardly goblin flees as his comrades are crushed! The last goblin, maimed and mutilated, gets pushed back out the gates to be slain. The siege is lifted, but there are wounded.

Legends background: This attack began and ended "The War of Incineration" where the goblin force "The Tick of Glows" began "The Siege of Jaws" against Axemodest. In this siege 16 goblins attacked 91 dwarves, 6 goblins died, 2 dwarves died during the assault. The Tick of Glows were a a civilization from The Souls-Plane of Legend, this was their one and only battle in their 200 year history.

22nd Moonstone[edit]

Glorious spoils of dwarven ingenuity! The monument to out people is built! It menaces with gold and silver. It is adorned with pitchblende! It is wondrous! It-






I fear it does not represent the character of our people...

meanwhile Mîstem has a long road to recovery ahead of him.


11th Opal[edit]

In a fit of inspiration, a crafter has claimed a bowyer's workshop. Has this latest attack inspired a new design for a more lethal weapon?


26th Opal[edit]

It is done.


12th Obsidian[edit]

Whilst mining out some more copper ore, the miners have found yet another cavern between the layers we have already uncovered.


17th Obsidian[edit]

Mîstem has succumbed to infection, as well as the warrior Rigoth. Death leaves it's mark this year, which is soon coming to an end.

21st Obsidian[edit]

A thief made it all the way to the kitchen before being discovered! He was slaughtered by the soldiers. That guard eagle must be replaced. Hmm, I know where to find one. ML27.png

1st Granite[edit]

And so a year has passed. The fort has done well, I think. We are better equipped to fend for ourselves in this forbidding world and have acquired a great deal of wealth. May there be many more years to come.


Year 4 (205)[edit]

2nd Granite[edit]

I awoke this morning and it was as if a veil had been lifted from my eyes. Everything was somehow brighter, clearer. I can tell the difference between a goblin and a groundhog, now!

Not just literally, but in the figurative sense as well. I headed to the dining hall for some breakfast and realized there were 33 dwarves just sitting there, socializing. 33! What are we, Elves? We are creatures fond of industry and alcohol, not gossip and sloth!

Some serious changes will be forthcoming.

2 granite.PNG

3rd Granite[edit]

My first order of business has been to immediately assign everyone with any skills to perform those skills if needed. This dropped the idlers to 24 straight off. I'm also ordering the miners to dig out some farms, I'm tired of plump helms.

The last stray kitten has been struck down by the butcher. Huzzah.

3 granite.PNG

6th Granite[edit]

I've set my furnace operators to making bronze bars, so we don't have to rely on imports for decent weapons and armor. The carpenters came to me complaining that we had no wood for cages. I took the task away from them and gave it to the blacksmiths, who weren't doing anything anyway. Soon we shall have plenty of brass cages.

Idlers are down to 16.

11th Granite[edit]

I've begun improving our defenses, so we don't have to merely huddle underground. I'm planning a single wall for now, and am smoothing out the slopes near the entrance. When this is complete, we'll be able to fight invaders on our terms.

In addition, I've ordered some of the more useful refuse (bones for the most part) to be brought in, so that the bonecrafters and butchers will have materials to work with.

There are merely 3 idlers now. I will address them shortly.

11 granite.PNG

19th Granite[edit]

Our underground wall is nearly complete. With this area secure, I'm now able to order some woodcutters to cut us some sorely-needed lumber. More beds are always needed.

19 granite.PNG

7th Slate[edit]

The front wall is complete and the slopes have been smoothed. The first stage of construction of the front courtyard is done.

7 slate.PNG

16th Slate[edit]

We've made a hospital near the entrance, so that we don't lose any more dwarves due to lack of treatment. The miners diverted the river so that water could be fetched and fish could be caught without the risk of going outside.

I also ordered a second barracks to be built and transferred the Infamous Daggers up there. It's always a good idea to have a squad on hand in case of emergencies. This was apparently welcome news, for immediately after, a child threw a party and Dastot Tindoctorines, our record keeper, entered a fey mood. Perhaps he will construct an armor stand or weapon rack for the new barracks.

16 slate.PNG

23rd Slate[edit]

Dastot Tindoctorines completed his mysterious construction today. It's a pair of gold boots studded with gold. They're beautiful, but couldn't he have used a little more... imagination? I've told our militia commander, Urvad, he could wear them.

18th Felsite[edit]

While he was outside for reasons unknown, the cook Ast was ambushed by goblin lashers led by a hammerer. He was promptly slain. Both squads were ordered to repeal the ambush, but this seemed unnecessary. The first dwarf to arrive, a speardwarf named Reg Oilbasement, slew their leader in single combat, casing the rest of them to flee.

While we mourn the loss of Ast, truly this is a day of celebration! Dwarf blood always tells.

18 felsite.PNG

19th Felsite[edit]

It seems that the ambush yesterday was merely a scouting force. While chasing off a pair of goblin thieves, a speardwarf, Catten and his rookie recruit, Udib were ambushed by a group of goblin macemen. They both were struck down, but not before killing enough of the goblins to convince them to leave the area. The rest of the squad found a wounded goblin next to Catten's body. What happened to that goblin will haunt me for a long time...

19 felsite.PNG

26th Felsite[edit]

The miner Tosid was changing one of our traps while caring for her baby Nish when they were beset upon by a tigerman. Tosid killed the tigerman, but Nish was wounded. It is still not known if he will live. If Nish perishes, the whole race of tigermen will not be long behind, I swear it.

1st Hematite[edit]

In between chasing off thieves and slaughtering tigerman, I finally had a chance to deal with the elven traders. As always, I traded for as many barrels and booze as possible. I also got some supplies for the hospital and as many seeds as they were willing to part with. Someday, we may want to make an above-ground farm. I also bought a pair of male giant jaguars to guard the front door.

25th Hematite[edit]

Ahh, Spring, where a young dwarf's fancy turns to BABIES. There must be something in the water, because we've had a rash of them. To accommodate them all, we've constructed a series of more... spartan rooms. I've dubbed the area the 'Nursery.'

25 Hematiteb.PNG

3rd Malachite[edit]

Today, Ingish Cloistermachine encountered a Giant Jaguar while on patrol. He slew the beast with little problem. Do all cats around here wish our doom? I've ordered a feast of succulent kitten tonight.

12th Malachite[edit]

Young Nish the Wounded has grown into a fine child. Unfortunately, the wounds he suffered as a baby have left him permanently crippled. He spends his days in bed, entertaining the other patients, the attendants, and the doctors.

12 Malachite.PNG

20th Malachite[edit]

Goden Obeyedink, a semi-skilled gem setter stopped in the middle of working today and began mumbling in a strange, foreign tongue. He's been possessed, no doubt about it. Who knows what strange creation he'll come up with?

24th Malachite[edit]

The Mayor keeps getting more and more agitated. He ordered the creation of Aluminum goods. When we explained that we had no aluminum and that we didn't know where any aluminum was, he just said "make it happen." What a twit.

25th Malachite[edit]

Our dwarves continue to show their extraordinary creativity. Goden completed his project. It was a perfect goshenite with bands of goshenite. Hurray.

8th Galena[edit]

The Mayor ordered Daten, a metalsmith, to jail for failing to make aluminum goods. Since we have no jail and no captain of the guard, we just ignored him. If only all nobles could be dealt with this easily!

20th Galena[edit]

Along with the human caravan and the rain, came a goblin ambush. We lost one of our captains, Bim Asolbomrek and a cat, but won the day. If we don't get some skilled migrants soon, I may begin recruiting from the general population, which is always chancy.

Two of our other troops were wounded in the fight, but survived due to our new hospital.

20 Galenab.PNG

18th Limestone[edit]

Our first Forgotten Beast has arrived. Cuthabe is a giant humaniod composed of steam, with four stubby horns and a poisonous string. He threatened our forges, so I ordered a squad of the militia down. The coward stayed out over the water then left, so I told the militia to resume normal duties.

22nd Limestone[edit]

While leaving, a few of the human merchants got lost and wandered down to the smithing area for a while. The rest left with no problem.

22 limestone.PNG

2nd Sandstone[edit]

Tested out the new Colosseum. Worked without a hitch. Four unarmed goblins against nine armed dwarves isn't exactly fair, but it was a fun new training exercise!

2 sandstone.PNG

20th Sandstone[edit]

Cuthabe attacked my forges today, but Goden Beremath, the Miner, felled him with one swoop of his pick! What a dwarf! I guess that answers the question of whether you can kill a creature made of steam.

2nd Timber[edit]

An Ettin, Aletha Gleamdrive the Awe-Inspiring attacked today. I ordered all the civilians into the new "Inside" burrow and sent the first squad to deal with it. They killed the creature with only bruises to show for it.

2 timberb.PNG

16th Timber[edit]

Likot Brightnessgems went hunting today. Tonight, we feast on Gorilla brain soup!

16 timber.PNG

2nd Opal[edit]

A giant beast has been hanging around the caves, looking for a way in, but the walls we built are holding fast.

2 opal.PNG

7th Opal[edit]

There have been too many dwarves lazing around lately, so I've ordered a roof over our courtyard, which now includes some small outdoor gardens and a golden drawbridge, to be built. That should keep everyone occupied!

7 opal.PNG

24th Opal[edit]

Round 2 of the Colosseum. Slaughtered the remaining goblins and snailmen. Forgot to close the door before the slaughter began, so it extended to the halls outside the Colosseum, but there were no injuries,

24 opal.PNG

7th Obsidian[edit]

Sitsu, the previously mentioned forgotten beast, made their way in to the forging area. Who knew giant snakes could swim? The militia made it down just in time, and killed it in an epic battle on the stairway.

I'm starting to build a barracks down there in case of future attacks, but it may not be complete before my alloted time is through.

14th Obsidian[edit]

A giantess, Lebes, threatened to cause problems. The militia commander and his assistant, Oshrir, took her down, suffering only bruises. Our militia has truly become an elite fighting force. I've set the Minotaur up in the Colosseum, but I think I'll leave him for the next leader. I can't take all the Fun for myself, can I?

Another forgotten beast has taken residency in the caverns. With the barracks still not complete, I've ordered a squad of militia to station themselves down there, in case she finds her way in.

15th Obsidian, Morning[edit]

A vile force of darkness has arrived! Thus far, it looks like there are two groups of goblins. Both well armed, both mounted. Everyone has been ordered inside, and the militia are making their way up. Amok-willing, we will survive this...

15 Obsidianb.PNG

15th Obsidian, Evening[edit]

A third group showed up! This one contains trolls and crossbowman. I hope the militia is up to the challenge! I'm ordering the drawbridge up once all the civilians are inside, so that we only have to deal with the fliers at first, until the trolls break it down.

16th Obsidian[edit]

Curses! Before I could order the drawbridge up, a group of civilians got caught outside and is being shot at by goblins. Looks like I'm going to have to do something heroic...

16 Obsidianb.PNG

17th Obsidian, Dawn[edit]

The battle has been joined, and things don't look good. Only two of the dwarves have made it up thus far, and the commander has been mortally wounded already. I'm ordering the golden bridge to be drawn up, even if it means trapping them.

17 Obsidianb.PNG

17th Obsidian, Morning[edit]

The second dwarf became an Axelord and killed a few of the goblins, but soon was overwhelmed by their sheer numbers. A third dwarf, a macedwarf, has finally come.

17th Obsidian, Noon[edit]

The gate has been raised and more reinforcements are close. Hopefully, it is enough.

17th Obsidian, Afternoon[edit]

The macelord has been killed, and still the reinforcements meander. The first group of goblins has reached the cage traps, and fliers from the other groups are starting to swoop down. The last of the civilians outside has died.

18th Obsidian[edit]

I've raised the inner bridge and ordered many traps to be built in the corridor behind it. Due to the foresight of one of my predisessors, there's a pit underneath, so I believe we'll be safe for now. Our Eagle is doomed though, I'm afraid.

18 Obsidian.PNG

20th Obsidian[edit]

We've completed a wall completely blocking us off from the outside world. For now, we must rely on ourselves. Time to begin cleaning, rebuilding and rearming.

A thief has looted the legendary golden boots, Kengonul Kekath Kez, off the corpse of the former Commander. Have they no shame?

So it begins. The legendary miner, Alath Tombstrade has become so upset that he is throwing a tantrum, brawling and being destructive. I've assigned an axedwarf to administer justice. We should have built a prison.

20 Obsidian.PNG

21st Obsidian[edit]

The Captain of the Guard's new post has gone to his head. He's killed a random dwarf for not obeying the mayor's insane orders from earlier this year.

21 Obsidian.PNG

24th Obsidian[edit]

The Captain still has not stopped Alath. As a result, the insane dwarf has attacked a cheesemaker, Tun, and killed her.

26 Obsidian[edit]

The Captain finally caught and executed Alath. I'm turning the Colleseum into a jail.

1 Granate[edit]

My year is up. Despite many initial victories, in the end it was a failure.

I will now shave my head, sing my songs of lamentation, give away everything but my axe, and wander into the wilderness. I have much to atone for. I can only hope that my successors are more wise than I.

Year 5 (206)[edit]

1st Granite[edit]


There is so much blood... there is not much sleep these days. Outside, we can hear dozens of goblins and trolls just waiting to get into our holed up fortress. So far, the bridge and pit the previous leaders have built are holding strong. So much blood, so little hope, and yet our mayor is demanding aluminum items. Aluminum! At a time like this?!

The previous leader was seen wandering out the front entrance carrying naught but an axe. Unfortunately for him, he forgot about the pit and walked off the edge to his demise. Oops.



9th Granite[edit]

We began hashing out a hastily drawn up plan today to try to ensnare some of our most unwelcome visitors. It probably will work. Probably. Probably not.

11th Granite[edit]

The butcher appears to be quite lazy... or, perhaps, dead. Foul stenches, worse than my wife, have begun to pour out of the buchery. I've ordered more refuse space until we can figure out a more permanent way to dispose of the wretched stuff.


Some child has had the audacity to call a party. A party! Well, might as well get drunk.. he better not steal all the booze, though.

23rd Granite[edit]

Dakost has given birth to a girl while fishing. Dakost never catches any fish, so it's good to see her succeed at something for once.

Progress is being made on the trap. It shall be a wonderful trap.


25th Granite[edit]

Dakost found her baby and immediately attended the party ensuing in the dining room.

I heard from Onol Olonzaneg today. He's been unhappy lately. Upon questioning, he spoke of having to endure the decay of a spouse lately. Ouch. The poor guy needs a drink. The miners seem to have stopped working on our new defense mechanism for some reason.

1st Slate[edit]

Nish, a child, has begun throwing a tantrum. It turns out his mother and brother both died recently. If this Nish child stays alive, I've hatched a wretched plan to kill two birds with one stone. Who will stop me, his dead, decayed mother? It appears the poor child also cannot stand. Neither can I.. can't stand him, that is!

The miners are once again working. It turned out that they were told not to step more than a few meters from the safety. I've ordered them to continue, and ordered them to not be such weaklings. I suspect they are elves in disguise.

4th Slate[edit]

I've ordered the construction of more mechanisms and cages. And flood gates. And more mechanisms.

13 Slate[edit]

Moods are slowly rising, I'm happy to report. The loudmouth child has not calmed down, but is not complaining worse, either. Luckily the little bastard has no friends.

19th Slate[edit]

The chain I ordered made by the smiths has been complete. The mayor is ever more adamant that his precious aluminum items be made. I have a bad feeling about this. The masons have begun work reworking some of the entrance to make it more... safe...

28th Slate[edit]

Oh bloodied beards.. a beast has arrived in one of the caverns. An enormous blob composed of flame with wings and.. it's bloated..? My wife knows where I sleep, she didn't have to announce herself in such a dramatic fashion.


29th Slate[edit]

From the rumblings we can hear of the beast, we may be safe for now. Lucky, for once. I've ordered a wretched cat to be chained. Yet more traps are being loaded and set.

19th Felsite[edit]

The elves have arrived! Our gate remains closed, but we've bored a small hole through it, hoping to peak at the carnage.

24th Felsite[edit]

An ambush! At this point, who cares? Two ambushes! The elves are being run down. Muahahaa. This must have been my predacessor's plans all along to kill the elves.. lure near 80 enemies to our gate to make sure the tree-lovers die. Yes, yes... I've commissioned a statue in his honor.

1st Hematite[edit]

Spring has arrived. We think. The initial dig for the trap has been complete.

12th Hematite[edit]

Another party. Moods continue to rise. We've begun digging out more refuse storage.

20th Hematite[edit]

The dig and basic gates are working -- we're nearly ready for the first trial.


2nd Malachite[edit]

Some migrants! Eight of them. Sadly, we have no safe way into the fort for them.

4th Malachite[edit]

Most of the migrants are already dead. Two survive, huddled in the corner, half dead, starving, and parched.

5th Malachite[edit]

A beast! This time, a surface beast. I have no plan to deal with such a thing -- with multiple siegers and ambushers to deal with...


12th Malachite[edit]

I've ordered the interior bridge to be lowered. The goblins seem reluctant to enter my trap, however. They seem to not be tempted by my kitten bait. How can they resist a delicious kitten?

14th Malachite[edit]

Monom Stitnthadekast has been taken by a fey mood. It's always something with him. He claimed a Mason's shop. Also, apparently trolls like to go for a swim once in a while.


16th Malachite[edit]

None of the trapped goblins seem to want to walk into my trap. I've ordered the golden bridge be lowered as a test.

17 Malachite[edit]

As soon as the bridge was lowered, the goblins fled the courtyard! The gate is shut once again -- and our courtyard is empty!

24th Malachite[edit]

Monom has finished his life-long goal: a quern. It's a superb quern. I just don't understand how it will help us. Are trolls grindable into flour...? We've begun reloading the traps.


3rd Galena[edit]

Another beast has come. This time some kind of featured tarantula. Unless it can fight a firey blob or an ettin 30 layers above, I just don't care.

12th Gelena[edit]

A human caravan has arrived. I've ordered more coffins to be built. Unrelated to the human caravan. This time.


16th Galena[edit]

An ambush arrived and has begun slaying the humans for me.

23rd Galena[edit]

I've ordered the walls put back up. I've tied a kitten nearer the entrance hoping to lure them in this time. The humans are dead. If I can ever get rid of so many attackers, I bet they left lots of treasures for us.

1st Limestone[edit]

Autumn has arrived. We're nearing 2,000 units of booze -- a spectacular number. This calls for a party! We've called for the lower lake to be walled off. It is not a useful source of fish, and we do not have enough units to spare a defense force yet.

I'm wary that some of the many beasts lurking below can swim and fly.


17th Limestone[edit]

The masons have completed some of the wall, but seem to be tardy on the last segment...

8th Sandstone[edit]

The militia still refuse to listen to my order to kill the beast lurking on the surface. Refuse! I'll kill them!

16th Sandstone[edit]

They finally obeyed and the foul beast is dead! They unhatched the hatch and released all of the trapped trolls -- which were quickly dispatched.


20th Sandstone[edit]

We've begun the monumental task of cleaning up outside. The masons are back working on the roof and farmers are back planting our outside fields. It will be nice to have a variety of booze again! There are caravans to loot!

14th Timber[edit]

The coffins we built earlier in expectation of a slaughter have come to good use anyway -- to bury our long-since dead.

18th Timber[edit]

A caravan! A caravan that won't die!

18th Timber[edit]

An ambush!

20th Timber[edit]

Both ambushes are dead. The militia are now stationed outside while we have so many dwarfs trying to clean up and bury the dead.

23rd Timber[edit]

Stinfeb is posessed. Great. He's started some kind of terrible construction, no doubt, in the jewelry shop.

1st Moonstone[edit]

Winter. We'll trade with the mountainhome shortly -- someone complained of diminishing booze stocks. How can they complain at a time like this... we may actually survive!

2nd Moonstone[edit]

Stinfeb is done! That was quick -- and what do we have.. an emerald crown, worth 169,000? Fantastic. Our fortress is worth over one million!

4th Moonstone[edit]

The traders brought aluminum bars! We bought them all up, along with some other basic supplies. A barony! We've elected Eridani Titthalgusil, the Avian Pedophile.

18th Opal[edit]

The traders are gone, lands safe, and we've begun digging out new quarters, a tomb, and other demands from our resident bird molester.


2nd Obsidian[edit]

My time draws near -- and we have a demand for nickel silver items. Such a worthless metal... Zinc appears to be in short supply.

We're making progress cleaning up and swiping from the fallen caravans. Many dwarfs lay dead outside still -- need more coffins.


6th Obsodian[edit]

A beast! A feathered slug... he sound so cute. And he's taupe! Taupe taupe taupe taupe.

12th Obsidian[edit]

Another beast! This time made of chocolate. Mmmm chocolate beetle spittle.

14th Obsidian[edit]

An ambush! Two, in fact! Several dwarfs on the roof have fallen.

17th Obsidian[edit]

The ambush has run off, at a high price.


1st Granite[edit]

Much has happened over the last year. The fort has a net loss of 8 dwarfs, but survived staggering odds. We met the first mandates easily; future rulers should look for more zinc quickly. Our bird lover loves nickel silver. We also struck adamantite earlier... but thus far, it has gone unused. There is blood, guts and limbs everywhere. We need more coffins. We always need more coffins in Mareathria Liceva.


Year 6 (207)[edit]

Upon touring the fortress I have just arrived at, I have been both impressed and depressed. Impressive quantities of goods have been stockpiled, and with a single exception, everyone is positively beaming in this place. This is surprising considering you can barely walk outside without stepping in blood, and there are mounds of goblin parts piled all over the place. The single exception I mentioned earlier is a planter named Etur, who lost his wife and one of his children in the recent battles. A shame, but he is trying to get counciling with the mayor, so I'm sure he will be fine.

I have order the outside cleanup to commence full fledged. I only hope that any more ambushes hold off until we are done and can get the gate up again.

I also ordered a section of nearby grassland to be walled off. It encompasses two ponds. This should enable the fishers to continue working even during a siege.

I also ordered a cage built to hold off the ridiculous number of cats wandering our hallways. While there I noticed three unmarked levers. How useful. No one apparently has the slightest idea what they are for. There is also a lever that simply says DO NOT PULL in big letters. Of course, I want to do nothing more than pull it.

15 Granite: ordered a squad of sword-dwarves to take care of some irritating mountain goats. Also, one of our bowyers bled to death today. I am seeking to find out why the chief medical dwarf did not prevent this.

19 Granite: Apparently our mayor was too busy for Etur. He has gone completely berserk. I fear for the safety of our other dwarves, and have therefore ordered both of our squads to kill Etur.

20 Granite: Disaster! Etur has murdered our mayor, Zuntir Asobmabush. A dark day indeed. Apparently our peaceful planter has premeditated his berserk rage, for he is carrying a pick with him.

Just minutes later, an axedwarf named Id Nirsigun arrived and fell the berserk dwarf with a single swipe. Etur Otinfikod is dead, but at a terrible cost.

21 Granite: The hearts of many in the castle are heavy with the recent disaster. A miner, Cilob has taken up the post of mayor.

8 Slate: Our stupid bird-molesting baron has already insisted upon three picks made for him this year, and now he wants two more. What does a dwarf do with five picks? Especially a lazy baron? I'm not making them for him until much later.

10 Slate: A giant beast has arrived in one of the caverns. As if we were planning on going in there anyway... 2.PNG

14 Slate: We find ourselves short of metal: I have ordered some exploratory shafts dug.

27 Slate: The minors have discovered a beautiful vein of cassiterite. I have ordered it mined out and smelted. No sign of anything hostile, although some tigermen interrupted the wall construction today. The outside cleanup progresses smoothly.

3 Felsite: Disaster strikes again: Remember that giant feathered elephant that arrived on 10 Slate? It has breached our defenses and is now terrorizing the smelters. Apparently, the fortress is only safe from walking beasts: flying beasts can still access it. It will take the military forever to reach it...

But it looks like a cat and a stray war dog are delaying it. The beast has a few bruises, but it is quickly over coming the dog...


It bashed broke the upper and lower body of our grandmaster armorer. It is now trying to kill another puppy. The puppy's mother leaps towards the beast, trying to protect her child. Still no military arrives. The brave mother is quickly killed by the forgotten beast, and her puppy soon joins her.

Finally! Likot Stigaztulon Olonvozbel Osresh, the Geared Ravager of Mortifying arrives! The forgotten beast is shredded in his attacks! The rest of the military charges in. Casualties: a dead war dog, a dead puppy, one broken left hand, and one bruised left hand. Not bad.

17 Felsite: We have completed the fishing area: 7. I am ordering part of cleared in preparation for a large statue I am building.

19 Felsite: The elves arrived today. I ordered the military out by the golden gate to watch for goblins. From the goblin corpses I see rotting all round me, it wouldn't surprise me if the elves weren't our only visitors...

21 Felsite: The elven leader starting whining about how many trees we were cutting down. I pretended that we would cooperate. Haha like we care what they have to say.

25 Felsite: While trading today, I came across a mug that the elves were willing to pay over 6000 for! I was blown away! It is a nice mug though! 8.PNG

I rounded up the lot of stuff we offered. Unfortunately, this included a wooden bracelet. The elves got all huffy and left. So I have ordered the military to kill them all.

3rd Hematite: The military finished off the five horses quickly. That will teach them to get all huffy at us. Among the spoils are a giant leopard and a giant jaguar!

5th Hematite: Among the other useful elven trade goods, we also inherited a huge amount of useless wooden armor and weapons. I am building a bridge to pulverize all this with.

16th Hematite: I have begun work on two giant projects: a giant zoo, and a giant statue. We will see what our dwarves can get done this year!

24 Hematite: Doren Debbenushat, a bowyer, got all sulky and withdrew from the society. He then proceeded to take over a bowyer's workshop and start working furiously.

30 Hematite: Doren created Akimnum, a kapok blowgun. Too bad no one here can use it.

20 Malachite: All quiet. Dwarves are hard at work.

12 Galena: Humans arrived today. We have switched to high alert. Although we had one caravan arrive without goblin "escort", I doubt we will be so lucky again.

12 Galena: CURSES! I forgot to rebuilt the trade depot after ripping it up in our last trading in encounter with the elves. I have several masons ordered to rebuild it at utmost speed.

17 Galena: Ugh not another one.


Also our masons have already completed the new depot. I had to put it in a barracks, since that was the only open room available.

21 Galena: Bought almost the entire caravan for that one mug I mentioned earlier. All in all, not a bad deal.


1 Limestone: Half a year over with! We find ourselves in need of more smelting and obsidian, and I have therefore ordered the expansion of the magma reservoir.

15 Limestone: The humans left today, and still no goblins in site...

24 Limestone: Erith Ides has withdrawn from society now! He took over a metalsmith's forge. I'm actually quite excited to see what he will make.

7 Sandstone: Erith finally began whatever it is he is making...

8 Sandstone: Another forgotten beast. This time a giant winged creature of salt. It is a race against time to see if we can wall it off before it reaches us.


12 Sandstone: Erith made a tin animal trap. Oh well. At least the wall was created before that forgotten beast reached us. We are now safe from flying megabeasts as well.

17 Sandstone: Two miners and a dog trapped themselves on a ledge on the statue I am making. I don't think they are too concerned: one is taking a nap.


18 Sandstone: The dog jumped off the ledge that it was trapped on, broke a rib, and suffocated.

22 Sandstone: The new magma reservoir was opened today.

26 Sandstone: Apparently, I spoke too soon! Kul, the salt megabeast, found some new way of flying past our defenses and into our magma area. We had no idea until we heard the sounds of a dog being killed. The millitary is being sent in.

27 Sandstone: The military quickly killed the forgotten beast. All that is left is a pile of salt.

8 Timber: The work on the zoo is being slowed by a lack of mechanisms.

16 Timber: The dwarves have come to tray! Pray that no goblins come with them!

22 Timber: Bought a lot of booze and food from the dwarves, along with some much needed wood.

6 Opal: All that is left on the statue is to do is remove the scaffolding. I have, in the mean time, switched all the masons over to smoothing out the zoo.

14 Opal: Behold! A glorious statue! A beacon! A symbol of dwarven intelligence!


22 Opal: A cat succumbed to infection today. I did not even know it was sick, but I cannot say I will miss it.

23 Opal: With the statue complete, all attention now turns to the zoo, which is currently a flurry of activity.

15 Obsidian: My brainless fellow dwarves are getting spooked by the ettin and the minotaur in our zoo. I am going to lock the doors so they stop getting upset.

16 Obsidian: CURSES! Goblins! A whole year without seeing them, and now a squad of spear goblins has appeared. I am tempted to pull up the gate and wait it out, but my military is bored of doing nothing but crushing forgotten beasts. It was a kitten that alerted us, by the way.

It is somewhat hard to see the soldiers and kitten on this, so I highlighted them a bit.

18 Obsidian: Outnumbered 2 to 1, our valiant fighters hurled themselves at the evil goblins, who were too busy trying to torture the poor kitten to even notice our heavily armed dwarves bearing down on them. It was over in seconds.


But wait? More goblins! Another squad! Not good. Another six goblins charged into the fray. Thus far, our military had suffered only a single broken hand. But only one dwarf showed up to reinforce...


Fortunately, our heavily armored axedwarves were not match for even this second group. These too were quickly dispatched. Even more reinforcements arrived: Likot and Unib. Unib is injured, so he is excused. I fear Likot was just being very lazy.


23 Obisidian: This is very frustrating. The dwarves refuse to remove the stone keeping the door to the minotaur room open, since they are afraid to go near the minotuar. I am blocking off that section of the hallway for now.

26 Obsidian: A kidnapper has stolen one of our children! He must have spotted a child somewhere on the outskirts.

1 Granite: That's a wrap. This year we had a net loss of 4 dwarves and a net gain of almost 300,000 wealth. We received no immigrants. One dwarf is unhappy, the others are content or above. All categories of food stores increased, with the total increasing by almost 2000. We had a net gain of 43 animals. Our two big successes was the completion of the statue and the beginnings of the zoo.

An overview of our awesome zoo!

Technical: FPS hovers around 80 mostly, on my rather slow system, so that is quite good. Atom smashing some of the elven trash might help more, as might using traffic designations. I updated the game to version 31.12.

Notes on the Reddit statue: I chose the color based on what would show best on Stonesense. I also ran out of room on the top: apparently you can't build on the top layer, so the antenna isn't as nice as it could have been.

For the next person: The only big problem is the fact that the ettin and minotaur are scaring people away. The door really should be closed, but a rock is holding it open and anytime a dwarf goes to remove the rock, they get scared away. It might be necessary to re-capture the minotaur and ettin, and then fix room, and then re-release them. All of levers in the rooms of the zoo have been linked to the cages, or the jobs have at least be designated. Things to do with the zoo are to finish smoothing it and then making it super safe with all sorts of failsafe damage controls etc etc. Whatever you like essentially! It might also be a good idea to work on getting some steel armor and weapons, and to expand the military. Oh and I forgot to move the trade depot out of the barracks, so you might want to do that. ;-) I haven't used any of the adamantine yet either, but that would make some great armor...

Random pics:

Year 7 (208)[edit]

Technical Note: My Predecessor used a tileset, I do not so some of the tiles have turned a little weird.

I arrive to this hole in a valley, greeted by the most bizarre statue. The first thing I noticed though was the smell; there was body parts from countless race's scattered everywhere. Some poor soul had obviously tried to move some of it together into a pile but it had made little difference. 2010-08-08-175014 1280x800 scrot.png

I then made my way into the fortress and was forced to squeeze past a seemingly infinite amount of cats and dogs, it's like someone was deliberately trying to initiate a catsplosion! I hunted for the butchers to ask them to "solve" the problem but the fortress is so higgledy piggledy and spread out I couldn't locate it. I considered building more, but upon investigation it appeared we didn't have any butchers anyway. I did find a magma pit and so decided to use my initiative. And so for the first month of my being here everyone was tasked with disposing of unnecessary animals which includes cats, dogs, horses, mules etc. I left the nice stuff be. 2010-08-08-163518 1280x800 scrot.png 2010-08-08-165459 1280x800 scrot.png

I sealed off the minotaur and Etin with some more doors which has kind of messed up the flow of the zoo, but such is life.

I have begun stockpiling raw fun to produce some kickass armour and weapons. 2010-08-08-164726 1280x800 scrot.png

I had a strange mood and was well excited, "Tobul Oslanzokum has claimed a craft workshop" nevermind I thought craft mood is better than nothing. Then after some furious work he produced: Rilemlunrud, "The Youthful Diminishment", a garnierite mug. 2010-08-08-174431 1280x800 scrot.png

I noticed at this point when the dwarrow started to idle after the majority of animals had been dispatched that practically all the workshops were overflowing, there are nowhere near enough stockpiles or barrels it would seem. The one miner I had took forever to dig anything and produced far too much stone for me to process as for some reason despite no real activity going on in the fort everyone was perpetually busy doing Armok knows what. I decided to make use of an area of caverns that appears to have been walled safe then sealed off. I demanded them re-opened and all excess furniture to be shoved in them. I discovered why the cavern had been sealed off fairly quickly when a forgotten beast lurking in the waters emerged and proceeded to kill an Axe Lord before being struck down when the rest of the military arrived. 2010-08-08-175816 1280x800 scrot.png

I commissioned the bay to be walled off and no sooner had I done that when: 2010-08-10-154252 1280x800 scrot.png

I found a metalsmith with no left hand side, may have to dispose of him somehow 2010-08-10-162438 1280x800 scrot.png

I have decided now all the animals are gone there are also too many children stickying up the place so I build a sacrificial bridge over the magma pool and used it to dispose of most of the children and later any parent who couldn't get a grip. 2010-08-11-154556 1280x800 scrot.png

The elves arrived and demanded that the trees be left be. I haven't touched the trees since I got here so my predecessor must have had something to do with it. I agreed to leave the trees be. 2010-08-10-170803 1280x800 scrot.png

I was laid siege to by the goblins. I ordered that the main bridge be closed but due to the dwarves own incompetence the response time was so slow that the enemy was well inside the fort by this point. The military fort valiantly but were quickly slaughtered. The enemy are deep inside the fortress now and FPS has dropped so low I have decided to declare a combined FPS death and death by siege. I haven't completed my year but I don't think I can 2010-08-11-170538 1280x800 scrot.png

Year 8 (209)[edit]

Year 9 (210)[edit]

Year 10 (211)[edit]

Year 11 (212)[edit]

Year 12 (213)[edit]

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End of Year Reports[edit]

Year 1 (202)[edit]

Year 202
  • Created Wealth: 30533
  • Imported Wealth: 18419
  • Exported Wealth: 6440
  • Population: 20 Dwarves (17 Animals)

Year 2 (203)[edit]

Year 203
  • Created Wealth: 139974
  • Imported Wealth: 62098
  • Exported Wealth: 27187
  • Population: 61 Dwarves (41 Animals)

Year 3 (204)[edit]

Year 204
  • Created Wealth: 433001
  • Imported Wealth: 83743
  • Exported Wealth: 28968
  • Population: 91 Dwarves (20 Animals)

Year 4 (205)[edit]

Year 205
  • Created Wealth: 779505
  • Imported Wealth: 119771
  • Exported Wealth: 51705
  • Population: 78 Dwarves (27 Animals)

Year 5 (206)[edit]

Year 206
  • Created Wealth: 1115790
  • Imported Wealth: 213437
  • Exported Wealth: 59477
  • Population: 77 Dwarves (73 Animals)

Year 6 (207)[edit]

Year 207
  • Created Wealth: 1398631
  • Imported Wealth: 275099
  • Exported Wealth: 71673
  • Population: 73 Dwarves (116 Animals)