Bloodline:Ringfissures Year 5

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Player: Misterlich[edit]

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First day.
Plenty of traps!
What is this I don't even
Hypocrite Elves.

Hrm! Looks like I've got my work cut out for me. First day on the job and what do we have here? 16 idlers? A miner who is constantly canceling his job, but overall a nice layout. This is fine fort crafting, better than my unaesthetic forts of the past! I'm here the whip these dwarfs in shape, and keep this fort defended. The supplies seem to be fine for now, but I'll make sure to keep an eye on it from time to time. Right now my priority is the protection of this fortress, so that these dwarfs make it to the next supervisor.

Plenty of traps all ready! Very good, but I'm still not satisfied. I've begun construction of a pit moat and drawbridge at this entrance, which is the only entrance I've noticed so far. Hopefully the dwarfs will complete this moat and bridge before any ambushes. I've also begun construction of a marksdwarf tower next to the bridge, if marksdwarfs are not recruited during my supervision, I suggest my successor do so and assign them here.


I thought elves didn't like the felling of trees and wooden goods. Why is EVERYTHING THEY HAVE BROUGHT TO ME WOODEN LOGS? I don't trust these water walking hypocrites.


This is very bad, I am angered with myself for not noticing this sooner, and afraid for the dwarfs now. I became aware of it when the retired leader "Phrost" went to get a drink from the well, and began complaining about it being dry. Hopefully I can get this settled out before the dwarfs get too thirsty. Hopefully.


The drink issue has been resolved without a single complaint, other that Phrost constantly trying to drink from a dry well. I've gotten the stills all actively brewing drinks, we have more than enough plump helmets to spare for booze. I am having another concern though, it seems as if we're starting to have a bit of a baby animal overpopulation. Kittens, puppies, a foals are swarming the fortress, and I'm constantly updated with the news that more and more animals are born, turning to adults, and subsequently producing more animals. I sense dark days ahead, perhaps not in my time as supervisor, but my successor's.


Minor update, I've fixed the drink problem on a larger scale. I decided to take stronger action once I noticed the dwarfs began to complain about the well in mass, even with a moderate booze supply. I've channeled the river into the well's water supply, hopefully this'll be the last I hear about well water issues. The humans have come with their merchants, on their way in a goblin thief was making his way out, a newly recruited marksdwarf got a lucky shot on him and brought him down. A hoary marmot, whatever that is, was causing some disruption earlier, when I got around to viewing the ruckus I found a bloodied corpse and several young marmots fleeing the scene. One of the dwarf children was standing near the mess, I assume he beat the marmot to death.


The construction of this additional defense has finally been completed. It was started in early spring, and it is now the 24th Hematite of Summer. I feel clumsy, having ordered the lads to fashion such an inefficient construction, but only now do I realize the route I should of taken. The hatches before the second drawbridge are linked to a lever in the newly built marksdwarf tower, I carved out a pit for intruders to be dropped into. I realize now that this is a very thinned out area to hope for any intruders to be standing. If work on other projects is completed quickly, I may have this refashioned to be much more effective.

Twenty-Eighth of Limestone

A bad day, the events of the day happened so fast and in such chaos that documentation of the day is scarce. When I first came to the fortress I expected sieges every time I looked out side, according to my predecessors personal accounts. From spring to autumn I experienced nothing but a thief or two, not even a belligerent dwarf caused issues. I eventually nulled into a sense of security, I allowed the dwarfs to work outside, which they were not properly acclimated to apparently. Either way, my time in the fortress up until this day had been calm, almost boring. Then such a horrific ambush, one of the new recruits for the marksdwarf squad was attacked by a goblin wrestler, while the rest of the goblins invaded the fortress' front gate while some defensive modifications were still under construction. I immediately closed off the main bridge once all civilians were safely inside. The goblins had made a point to rush inside the outer perimeter, all military was put on active duty and rushed out to meet them. Unfortunately, half the military was blissfully asleep. Meanwhile the new recruit is being battered on relentlessly, he's putting up a fight but this goblin wrestler severely outmatches him, soon the recruit is knocked unconscious with a mangled arm and leg. The dwarfs inside are busying themself loading things into the trade depot, I've all ready issued orders for several defensive mechanisms to be activated. The timing of these mechanisms could not be worse. First, a marksdwarf was rushing to his post from outside the fort, he encounters the goblins from behind and takes a shot but soon after the first level is pulled, and several hatches placed to isolate invaders out in the open drop below his feet, dropping the dwarf down into a pit one level below. Luckily he is not hurt bad, but he is trapped, I've sent the miners to recover him. Then a champion has rushed out to meet the goblins, but then the secondary drawbridge is raised, flinging the champion into another pit, he is not injured but he too is now trapped. The miners rescue the champion first, but he's acting strangely now, as if dazed. The recruit is still outside, slowly bleeding to death above the fortress' main gate. A civilian and another marksdwarf who didn't make it back into the fort to get to his station in time are so far the noted casualties. Luckily the marksdwarfs have finished their beauty naps and are now atop the defense tower, firing down on the goblins. They scare the goblins off, for now, the clumsy lads couldn't hit the broad side of a mountain. They think I haven't noticed them slacking off on improving their marksdwarfship in their downtime, I've supplied the training materials, they're just lazy. I fear for that recruit though, it's begun to rain and he's laying out there bleeding out in the weather.


The recruit has been saved by a brave mason, for a while they were bringing him food and water out in the weather. I assume that they were preparing bedding for him. He will be removed from service, he has been crippled from injury and no longer suitable for fighting. A part of me now feels that he was never suitable, he's too gentle. I have ordered for a room to be carved out that will serve as an infirmary, I was hoping he would be moved there. Instead he's moved... to this place. I don't like this place, I've considered making the order for it to be closed off. I feel these rooms drive dwarfs mad, two dwarfs have been in these rooms when they come out muttering incoherent babble, only later to commit suicide. Reviewing the fortress' documents I discover this is the recruits bed as well, their partner had killed themself some time ago, when I first came to the fortress. I remember another dwarf coming in here at another time and going mad in the room as well, I had thought that they were the mate of the previous, this only raises further questions. I don't like this room.


Another ambush, this time they've decided to chase one of our kittens. Though with a heavy heart for the kitten, I breathe a sigh of relief. The dwarfs have plenty of time to get safely inside and for the military to position themself. This is a mixed blessing, as the population of animals in the fort is disturbingly large, and I can't bring myself to order them butchered just yet. Don't think I didn't notice the dwarf aiding them either, I recount one of my predecessors speaking about captured dwarfs aiding the goblins. Weak willed traitors, the worst day of their life will be the day they are captured alive by this fortress while I am in command.



The kitten was our only casualty, once the goblins made it to the main gate a marksdwarf from atop the tower shot them down. He took down three on his own, another was stopped by the traps. I had the champions on alert as well but only the captain was following the patrol routes, the others remained in the barracks either asleep or just loitering. The sloth of this military is what caused the casualties that still remain outside the gate.


The amount of young animals in the meeting room alone and the rate at which they are reproducing is disturbing. Horse foals are more common than dwarfs in the fortress.


It appears a marauding band of rhesus macaques have begun throwing themself into the newly designed weapon traps. Though I find this behavior awkward, it is a suitable test for the current state of the perimeter's defense.


Going over some documents in my office I was surprised to see that a previous foreman had been incarcerated. Equally surprised am I that I had not noticed this sooner.

Twenty-First of Opal

The year is coming to an end, and all ready I yearn for retirement. The stubbornness of this fort's population is more than my patience can handle.


I've decided on an early retirement. A party was held for my service but I only made a minor appearance. I've descended to my quarters below the gate with my faithful hound, I'll finalize some documents and see to it that my successor is as comfortable as possible. It has been a quiet year for the most part, but lives have been lost, and goblins continue to pester the fort from time to time. The gift I've left for the fort is the increased defenses on the fortress' main gate. A note for my successor: The lever in the marksdwarf tower will drop all the hatches outside the main gate, use it carefully. The recruit who was injured early in the year is still down there, his condition has improved negligibly, I fear he may never wake up. Maybe it is the paranoid thoughts of an old dwarf, or something else, but I feel uneasy. I sit here in my office, the distant sound of busy dwarfs thumping above and below me. Though I feel frightened, as if my heart has sunk from terror, Ringfissure has a great many tribulations in its future. I wish my successor the best of luck, but more than that I wish him the fortitude to withstand what is to pass.

- "Mister Lich" Ringfissure Head Supervisor 25th Opal, 305